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During the early days of Yoel Romero Scott Coker, president of Bellator, a recent free agent, said the promotion was not going to offer to strong wrestlers. But not too long, it was announced that a former UFC candidate had actually signed a Viacom promotion.

So what changed Coker’s thinking?

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Coker explains why he changed gear in his contract with Romero

A few weeks ago, when it was revealed that the UFC had let go of Romero, his eyebrows rose. Although the Cuban star lost three games in a row, his release surprised many as he had finished the title battle with middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

UFC President Dana White quoted Romero’s age (43), recent defeats, and UFC roster swelling as to why the candidate was released.Meanwhile, Mr. Coker said Bellator has no intention of extending the offer to Romero as the promotion is underway. Apart from signing old fighters.

Well, fast forward to today, and Romero is a member of Bellator’s roster. So why did Corker change his mind?

While talking MMA junkie Recently, President Bellator said this.

“Yoel started with us on Strikeforce in 2008,” Coker said. “Some of me wanted to do it. Some of me didn’t want to do it.

After signing “Rumble” (Johnson), I had the opportunity to (sign) Joel. We passed (he).

To be honest, the amount of support he got through our doors and social channels was really impressive.

Everyone wanted to see the battle between Yoel Romero and “Rumble” Johnson. I flocked with my team.

“There is one thing people aren’t really aware of in this situation. Even if we say they pass, we are always talking to these agents every day.

Joel’s name went up steadily. Finally, I just said, “What do you know? Let’s do it. Add him to the mix.”

And while talking about ridiculous and explosive fighters, Coker said this.

“He’s a great talent (such),” Corker said. “He’s still a very dangerous person. He can definitely still fight.

I said, “Let’s put him in the mix, and let’s go for it.” I’m glad I was able to do it.

I had a little chat with him. Was good. He looks like a very nice person and is very mature.

I’m looking forward to putting him in the £ 205 mix next year. “


Well, surely, when Coker first said he wasn’t interested in Bellator, one might wonder if Coker was trying to be a tough negotiator. But when they started thinking about the matchmaking potential they had, it might certainly be true that they changed their minds if Romero agreed to fight at 205.

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Why Scott Coker changed his mind about his deal with Yoel Romero Why Scott Coker changed his mind about his deal with Yoel Romero

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