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Why should I buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus?

Larger screen and larger battery. It is called a plus for that reason.

The· Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus It’s one of three new incredible additions to the Samsung family. It joined the smaller one, but it was more impressive than ever, Galaxy S21 And huge Galaxy S21 Ultra..

We noticed a slight trend when it comes to mobile phone releases, and found that intermediaries tend to be the least popular. It may not be intentional, but people seem to be attracted to the lowest cost or the largest device.

The other remained feeling like the black sheep of the family, or the small piggy bank in the middle did not catch the ball. This time I would like to explain all the reasons why Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus should not be swiftly flushed under the carpet.

Easy on the eyes.

There is an old saying, Appearance is not everything. But if so, so does the Galaxy S21 Plus. It fully masters the art of beauty and durability, which is what we are most looking for on the phone.

Powered by the rugged Gorilla Glass Victus, this phone can withstand any day. It’s very easy to unnoticedly push your phone into the pocket next to the key, but this article means that you can do so without the usual effects.

However, there is one problem. One problem that you may be seriously annoying your brain all day long. Available in three stunning colors: Phantom Pink, Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. But do you choose?

What color will it be?

Did you always imagine yourself as a little actor? This phone will make you feel like one. Featuring a 6.7-inch Infinity-O, Full HD + display, it puts you in the center of action for your favorite shows and movies.

It’s not as big as the display on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but it’s a great option if you want to see more or don’t want to carry a huge phone in your pocket. It’s not only the bigger view you get on this phone, but also the brightest view.

The Galaxy S21 Plus surpasses even the largest and best of the iPhone 12 series. The 12 Pro Max reaches a peak brightness of 1200 knits and the S21 Plus reaches 1300. Enjoy sunbathing on this display, as you’ll feel like you’re sitting on the beach, despite the current travel ban.

Those who have the Galaxy S21 Plus in their hands.
The Galaxy S21 Plus display certainly won’t disappoint.

Not only is it good for streamers and socialite lovers, but gamers will also get a lot of joy from it-a 120Hz refresh rate ensures that. Say goodbye to that annoying lag and buffering and say hello to a seamless and fluid game!

Your opponents won’t know what hit them, and now there’s no excuse for you to lose. You can no longer blame your phone or your trash connection-it’s just you! You should practice …

With the Galaxy S21 Plus, everything is easy. With a cool in-display fingerprint sensor, you can unlock your smartphone, make payments and approve downloads faster than ever before. What does Apple have to say about it!

Faster than faster.

It’s not just the display that shows this plus It is effective. It’s also a performance. You see, this phone is packed with a more iconic duo than Paul and Barry Chuckle himself. More compatible than Sonny or Cher. Faster than Batman and Robin.

It’s not an exaggeration, I promise. With the Exynos 2100 processor and Samsung’s speedy 5G, the Galaxy S21 Plus is perfect for those looking for top-notch performance. Enjoy faster downloads, better streaming, and more responsive games.

See how good the Exynos 2100 processor is.

Of course, it’s not surprising that this phone is up to date with the latest software. Android 11 It has so many great features, but our favorite should be Android Auto.

You can connect your Galaxy S21 Plus to your car and enjoy hands-free music and Google Maps. The previously boring long car journey will change forever, we guarantee it.

The phone also outperforms the Galaxy S21 in terms of power. This is what we are very grateful for. What is the use of all these great features if you don’t have the juice you need to enjoy them?

Fortunately, the Galaxy S21 Plus has a huge 4800mAh battery that can be used all day long. Your screen time may have gone through the roof, as there is nothing else to do during the blockade.

You may be using more battery than usual between streaming and scrolling. Fortunately, this phone supports fast charging. This means you can get the power you need quickly, even if you start running out.

Lights, cameras, actions.

You may not take too many pictures for now, and like most people, you may simply have a huge collection of dog snaps on your cell phone album. Hmm.

The important thing is that if this pandemic taught us something, it’s important to make memories.

When we get out of the blockade, you will want a cell phone with a camera you can trust. So what about the three phones?

Phantom Silver Galaxy S21 Plus.
The Galaxy S21 Plus has lenses for every occasion.

The Galaxy S21 Plus comes with three amazing lenses that will quickly turn you into a professional photographer. With a 12MP wide lens, you can get more scenes on each shot, but a 12MP ultra wide lens is where things get interesting.

It has a 120-degree field of view and, in simple terms, can be seen almost as much as the human eye. Once this is done, we are all in a hurry to catch up with big family meals and friends, and this lens will surely capture every moment of fun you have.

For those who are particular about details, you can switch to a 64MP telephoto lens to get closer to the subject than ever before. You’ll discover details that you didn’t even know existed and question everything.

Did my wife always have that mole? Did the petals always look like this? Did Grandma always have a mustache more than Grandpa?

Selfie enthusiasts are also categorized to get the most out of their Class 10MP front camera. You will soon be raking in the likes of your society, and it may start your influential career.

If video recording is the peak of your interest and you’re fantasizing about yourself as the next Tarantino, you’ll love 8K video recording. The director’s point of view takes you one step closer to your dreams and allows the rear and front cameras to shoot video at the same time.

Those who hold the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus and are viewing the Director's View.
Director’s View completely changes the way you shoot.

This provides a picture-in-picture video that captures a live reaction along with the main video. Take your vlog to the next level and you’ll finally be able to appear in your own movies. All we are waiting for is a nice holiday to get a cool background drop.

The ugly duckling has become a swan.

I told you that the Galaxy S21 Plus is not a rejection. It has a plus in its name for a reason and boasts some of the best features Samsung must offer. But don’t just accept our words, see for yourself. 3D..

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Why should I buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus? Why should I buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus?

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