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Why small and medium-sized warehouses can be automated and why they should be

The benefits of automated storage and retrieval systems (AS / RS) are growing at about the same rate as systems are gaining in popularity as tools for storage and fulfillment in various industries.

To ensure optimal results (results of protecting products and optimizing a company’s packaging investment), warehouses need to better automate their processes. Technology is evolving in two areas: the equipment itself and warehouse management software that integrates automated lines with legacy systems.

If the operation is properly designed, deployed, and maintained, the more automated the operation, the more the costs associated with maintaining temperature control in large facilities, as well as the costs associated with labor costs, corruption, and material handling. You can control it more finely.

If you are considering increasing output, scaling up or down on demand, and integrating with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) and other systems, AS / RS may be a good choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

Increased output

Installing AS / RS is the same as using the latest technology to integrate a warehouse management system (WMS) and an ERP system to optimize warehouse efficiency, resulting in increased production. increase.

Use a single contact for automated warehouse management and real-time data collection and query solutions to improve efficiency. In addition, it provides instant status and user input, as well as carton tracking and auditing to keep your facility running more smoothly.

High-density order management systems are more flexible than traditional crane-based or wireless shuttle rack systems and can increase throughput. Pallets and crates can move faster. In addition, these systems can often be installed to the contours of existing buildings, eliminating the need for new construction. Their unique design allows the pallet to be placed on the cart platform, eliminating the complexity of handling such as broken boards and wrap tails.

Another advantage is that modern systems are built with standard industrial components for faster repair in the event of a failure. Downtime should be minimized due to the availability of parts. Repair costs are also cheaper.


Flexibility can also play a role in choosing the type of system to install. AS / RS offers great flexibility for many businesses.

As distribution centers are built more often in urban and suburbs, real estate can become more expensive and limited space available. This makes it increasingly important to be able to build higher facilities. AS / RS allows shelves to be stacked to the required height. The system can be configured to accommodate high shelves without endangering employees who have to operate equipment to retrieve pallets.

Modular systems offer maximum storage capacity with maximum throughput and minimum footprint. In addition, you can add modules as your capacity requirements and SKUs increase.

An additional advantage of modular systems is that they are easy to adjust. Demand can fluctuate. If your buying habits change, you will need to expand or contract your facility accordingly. Modular systems allow you to change as your fulfillment needs change. AS / RS allows you to optimize your entire warehouse based on volume. The order structure can be adjusted according to the conditions.


Integrating device advances with transactional activity is very important. It keeps evolving. Tracking and tracking technology gives you a transparent view of where all your pallets are and when they arrive. Now you can trace each to the end customer.

Traditional robust and heavy warehouse automation systems can be difficult to integrate into existing facilities, and facilities need to be modified to accommodate them. The ultra-dense storage capacity of more modern systems allows for changes in building layout, design, and volume while providing greater storage capacity and flexibility at brownfield sites.

Keep in mind that simply moving fast is not the same as increasing throughput. It is more effective if the system is designed to integrate with an existing system. The warehousing system is part of a complete transaction system that includes an inventory management system. AS / RS can be optimized based on the likelihood that the item will need to be retrieved.

Is an automated storage and search system for you?

AS / RS brings many benefits to today’s modern facilities. However, before investing in the purchase of major equipment, be sure to consult an expert who can advise you on the system that best suits your needs.

Work with partners who offer multiple types of automation solutions. If that’s your goal, you’re a partner to help scale up to full automation. Always consider the next part of your journey when you make your decision.

Why small and medium-sized warehouses can be automated and why they should be Why small and medium-sized warehouses can be automated and why they should be

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