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I wrote this article to explain why Steve Bruce shouldn’t be compared to someone like Rafa Benitez or Alan Pardew, and who he (Bruce) should be compared to.

Many of our fans make repetitive comparisons between Bruce and our former manager, as well as professionals and journalists.

Journalists and experts regularly compare Bruce and Rafa Benitez and come to the wrong conclusion, but fans are primarily trying to shift that comparison to something like Purdue.

I find it unfair to compare Bruce with his former manager. Rafa Benitez is included in it not only because it is unfair to Rafa, but also because it is largely unfair to fans.

We need to finally get rid of the prospects for acquisitions and look at our current direction and direction as a club and compare it to similar clubs today.

Currently, we are an owner-absent club and he may be willing to take legal action to attempt and enforce an acquisition, but he is absent when it comes to day-to-day management of the club.

Newcastle United has a system in which the scout team-agent relationship decides which player to sign, not the manager, and is not expected to challenge the top six or even the top ten. Money is also a problem. You need to buy a player for a low fee, wage, or loan.

Now that we’ve seen where we are, ask fans, journalists, and experts from other clubs if they want to take Bruce to the club.

If the answer is yes, the next question is – what is your club’s situation?

The reason I ask this is because I don’t foresee fans of Premiership or actually higher level clubs in the championship and honestly say they will hire Bruce as a manager.

In fact, the only fan of the club that I honestly believe to appoint Bruce as a manager was the Sheffield supporters section on Wednesday, and he didn’t bother too much with having them join us. .. You see how they are currently in the bottom three of the championship and how they have points, given that he did a reasonable job with them with his short spells there You can see if. But their situation is not comparable to that of our club.

Looking at the situation in which our club is located, some people accept Bruce honestly, so let’s start comparing Bruce with other managers who deserve him.

Two years ago, Steve Bruce was in charge of Aston Villa. Villa It’s a decent size club, but under the blues they participated in the championship, playing unstimulated football and didn’t seem to be trying to get out of the championship in the right direction. Suddenly, mainly thanks to vegetables, the villa owner realized that Bruce was not the answer and brought in a young and up-and-coming coach with a positive outlook as a manager. It’s been two years now, and thanks to keeping the best players and spending a lot of time, they outperform us in the league, look better and make progress.

Let’s see now LeedsAgain, like villas, they were far below us a few years ago, and they bring managers away from the PFM mood they usually take, and suddenly in Leeds. Everything is above us in the league and probably playing better football The set of players in the team is worse than we are and we hope to move on.

Take a look at Southampton. They are absent owners like us and are guilty of even selling their better players, rather than flushing with cash, which is basically our South Coast version.

They went abroad, turned their backs on the PFM approach, like Villa and Leeds, are now playing good positive football, and take advantage of this strange season of sitting at the top of the league table and racing. I’m playing European football.

Now is the wolf’s turn. Again, a few years ago they were under us in the league system. They were bought and rich, but not even we should be competing. Well, they have to do with football agents to help them get players, but even Ashley-owned NUFC should be able to offer players competitive wages and compete for the same players. Again, like the clubs above, they turned their backs on PFM and brought in young hungry managers who wanted to compete and play more attractive football. And best of all, simply waking up doesn’t help.

Let’s take a look Brentford.. Over the last decade, they have moved from having no pot to in and have established a setup that constantly produces talented young players one after another. They have an ambitious manager who is willing to use the player he was told to make it work. They were unlucky that they couldn’t play last year, but despite selling two key players, they still seem to be playing, as everyone called when the draw took place. , Their reserve exceeded our first team.

So who are the options we should consider?

Let’s take a look at the field on the left.

John Heardman is a Jordy who grew up from becoming an academy coach in Sunderland and helped train the very young Jordan Henderson. Since then, he has traveled abroad to develop both New Zealand and Canadian women’s teams, winning two Olympic medals and one gold Pan Am competition medal.

He currently has a Canadian men’s team as one of his favorites to compete in the World Cup. Well, he hasn’t done much at the club level, but he has proved to be more than an ability in developing players. If you want to welcome Newcastle fans as managers, he must be the type of manager we should be. I’m looking for a carry-on.

If we take over, I’ll honestly take him to the head of our academy, but under Ashley he was able to become a solid manager.

If you stay in Canada, you will find Bobby Smirniotis.

After working as a coach in Europe, he returned to Canada and founded his own youth academy, which produced some of Canada’s young players. His academy prompted Canada to establish its own professional football league, the Canadian Premier League (CPL). His achievements have given him the job of a Forge FC manager, winning the first two CPLs and letting him play free-flowing offensive football. If you want a manger that allows something like ASM or Almiron to have the ability to do what they are best at, this guy is your guy.

Why isn’t someone like him given a chance instead of Bruce?

Canada also has Tommy Wheeldon JR, a hybrid of Herdman and Smyrniotis. Originally from Liverpool, he helped set up an academy in Calgary and got a job in Calgary. He finished second in the first season, actually surpassing Smirniotis’ Forge FC but losing in the playoffs. His squad is less GungHo than Forge, but it is highly organized and defensively stable.

I’m not saying that none of them should be given our job.

But it’s hard to see blues football, and the only reason why a young manager who worked so hard and didn’t have this level of opportunity saw the blues team and he continued to work was once It’s hard to notice because I knew Sir Alex Ferguson.

One of them will offer far more than Bruce offers in that role, and the same is true for so many other coaches elsewhere in the world.

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Why Steve Bruce shouldn’t be compared to Rafa Benitez or Alan Pardew Why Steve Bruce shouldn’t be compared to Rafa Benitez or Alan Pardew

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