Why Takin did not need the emperor’s permission to destroy Alderaan

The latest Star Wars novel, Victory’s Price, finally suggests why Takin didn’t need permission to destroy Alderaan.

Star Wars Finally revealed why Grandmoff Tarkin did not need the emperor’s permission to destroy Alderaan New hope.. Takin was one of the most formidable figures in the empire.As revealed in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, His career began in the days of the Galactic Republic, where he soon caught the attention of Prime Minister Palpatine. Takin was perfectly adapted to the new order-and he joined the empire at an astonishing speed.

But Grand Moff Tarkin Not a Sith samurai, he had a disturbingly similar philosophy. The old extended universe introduced the so-called “Tarkin doctrine” concept, and Wilhuff Tarkin taught the entire empire that it should be established on the principle of domination by fear.This idea has been passed down to the present day Star Wars Canon, and certainly it’s quite extended. In Takin’s view, the vision of a peaceful galaxy required a powerful army and a cow-like mass-and the Death Star was the army’s greatest symbol, bowing the entire world before the power of the empire. I fell into. When the Death Star was finally completed, Tarkin unleashed it on the peaceful planet Alderaan-but it is interesting to note that he did not require permission from the emperor.

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up to date Star Wars Book, Alexander Fried’s Victory price, Suggesting why he didn’t need permission. He may have already had it. Palpatine seems to have built another superweapon while all attention was focused on the Death Star-it was much more insidious. He turned the empire into the most watched state the galaxy has ever seen, and built a huge supercomputer on Coruscant to process all this data. This supercomputer recorded the actions of all imperial citizens of the galaxy and identified the corruption that Palpatine had permeated the empire. Undoubtedly, the emperor quickly identified the planet, the society and civilization that was resisting him, where his dark vision had not been realized. Alderaan would have been at the top of the list-and as a result, it would have been a major target.

Star Wars Death Star

Ironically, the destruction of Alderaan backfired. Like the empire, the citizens of Core World were able to blind their atrocities because they took place in a distant world that no one had ever heard of. The destruction of the planets of the Core World was an unparalleled shocking act in the history of the galaxy and fostered a rebellion. To make matters worse Death Star was soon destroyed By Luke Skywalker of the Battle of Yavin and Grand Moff Tarkin with it.

It also helped turn Princess Leia Organa into one of the most powerful symbols of the rebellion. She paid the ultimate price and lost her entire hometown and the Organa family, yet she continued to oppose the empire.The tale of Star Wars Evil concepts like the Takin doctrine may be in line with the Sith way, so it’s essentially a story of how the dark side ultimately defeats itself-but they are also self-defeating.

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Why Takin did not need the emperor’s permission to destroy Alderaan

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