Why the Mandalorian is showing us the dark side of baby Yoda

The Mandalorian is approaching the Season 2 finale, with a big twist. The “tragedy” not only pits Din Jalin against the combo of Boba Fett and Fennec Shand’s tag team, but also the poor Baby Yoda (or Grog, as he is now known) empires. It ends when it falls into the hands of. To make matters worse, this imprisonment literally shows the dark side of the Grog as the child learns to take advantage of the dark side of the Force. This is definitely a big problem for such a small character. Read on to learn what Baby Yoda’s dark-side tendencies tell us about his history, and why “assets” are such an important part of Mofugideon’s plans.

Mandalorian Season 2

History of Baby Yoda with the Jedi

It is only recently that the Mandalorian has begun to shed light on the relationship between Grog’s 50-year history and the Jedi Order. As Ahsoka discovered in the “Jedi,” Grog was a child at the Jedi Temple during the Clone Wars. While most young men were slaughtered by Darth Vader and his army, someone helped sneak out Grog from the temple. For the next thirty years, much else is unknown, except that Grog produced a small presence before being captured by the Empire and used as feed for the Palpatine cloning experiment in Mofugideon.

What did you think

But “tragedy” provides more insight into the essence of Grog. Relying on movements used only by Dark Jedi such as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, he can be seen hitting the Force violently and choking two prisoners of stormtroopers. Obviously, the Dark side of the Force is strong against Baby Yoda, and it may explain his seemingly unique status among the Jedi. I’ve never seen Grog in other stories of the Clone Wars era, and even Ahsoka seems to be surprised to find him. This suggests that the Jedi did their best to hide him from the outside world. He has the mind and body of a toddler, but is clearly very powerful in the Force, given that he can levitate huge objects and fight adult attackers. But, as Star Wars often shows, great power brings great potential for darkness to it.

The Jedi may have been afraid of the potential evil of Grog, especially if his existence was revealed by someone like Count Dooku or Darth Sidious. That’s probably why he wasn’t noticeable all the time, and that’s why his mysterious benefactor (Mace Windu? Yoda? Jocasta Nu?) Helped escape the imperial clutch during the purge. However, as Ahsoka hinted at the “Jedi,” Grog’s life has been desolate since then, and the harsh beings of searching for food and being ridiculed in the Imperial Labs are probably to calm the darkness inside. I haven’t done anything.

The Jedi may have been afraid of the potential evil of Grog, especially if his existence was revealed by someone like Count Dooku or Darth Sidious.


Grog’s new teacher

Din Jalin’s goal leading to a “tragedy” event is simple. Travel to Tyson, take Grog to the ruins of the Jedi Temple, and help his companions reach out through the Force to find a teacher. The sudden intervention of the empire complicates things considerably, but Din and Grog seem to have succeeded. Grogu seems to have succeeded in contacting someone. No matter who the mysterious person is, assuming that the release wasn’t preserved in Season 3, you probably won’t know their identity until the end of the season.

In any case, the series may have been built towards introducing characters that are better suited to train Grog than Ahsoka. This character needs to comfortably teach students who are heavily inclined to the dark side. Ahsoka herself does not seem to want to bear the burden, as she is still clearly annoyed by the shame of what her husband has become. And Luke Skywalker seems unlikely, just because fans may be willing to accept actors other than Mark Hamill in their iconic role.There is already some speculation online that the Star Wars Rebels protagonist Ezra Bridger may be the teacher in question. The Mandalorian has already introduced a few rebel veterans and Grand Admiral Thrawn, so why not join Ezra? Given that his own Jedi training is fairly unorthodox and shows an affinity for communicating with other creatures through the Force, Ezra may be just the teacher Grog needs. Hmm.

However, this mysterious teacher is likely to be a whole new character. The Mandalorian showed us the faces of many well-known Star Wars, but these characters broke up with Din and took part in two episodes before challenging the spin-off project planned by Lucasfilm. I tend to hang out only for a while. If Grogu has teachers who will be an ongoing part of the series, they are likely to become new characters without a lot of external luggage squeezing them. When Ezra returns, he will surely have to deal with his own problems.

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Why the Empire Needs Baby Yoda

“The Siege” sheds some important light on what Moff Gideon is doing and why Grog is so important to his plans. Gideon is trying to create a new cloned body of Emperor Palpatine (and is currently failing). Dr. Pershing’s message to Gideon reveals that he and his fellow scientists have not broken the secrets of the clones with a large number of midi chlorians. You can even get a glimpse of what appears to be Snook’s corpse abandoned in the Imperial facility-a failed prototype of what Palpatine will eventually use as a ship to rule the primary.

Basically, Palpatine is obsessed with life five years after his apparent death on the return of the Jedi, but his minions understand how to give him a cloned body that can actually wield the Force. I have not. As we learned in The Rise of Skywalker’s novelization, this is actually the beginning of Ray’s origin story. Her father is technically not Palpatine’s son, but an incompetent clone that escaped the clutch of his “father”.

Gideon needs children because it is the only source of midi chlorian-rich DNA that the dying empire still has. So far, Pershing experiments with Grogu have not yielded the required results. But Grog’s flirtation with the dark side of the “tragedy” may be key in that regard. Perhaps by torturing Grog and pushing it deep into the dark side territory, Gideon can uncover the secrets of creating Force-sensitive clones.

It’s probably safe to assume that Team Mand will eventually rescue Grog and Din will have an inevitable Vesca Spear vs. Dark Savior duel with Gideon at the Season 2 finale. But even if they win, the recapture of Grog can be a crucial moment when Palpatine’s return key is discovered and the empire begins its transformation into the First Order. Din Djarin may board the sunset completely unaware that he has moved his wheels for another galactic civil war. He is like such a goofy.Learn more about the major developments in the Mandalorian world, why the series sets up a spin-off for the New Republic, what new episodes confirm Boba Fett’s past, and the history of the deadly Dark Trooper. Please.

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