Why the origin of Chucky Episode 3 reveals success (where other slasher series fail)

Chucky’s episode 3, “I like to be hugged,” sheds more light on the origins of Charles Lee Ray and succeeds where Halloween and other slasher franchises fail.

Warning: Spoilers Chucky Season 1, Episode 3.

Chucky Season 1, Episode 3, “I Love Being Hugged,” uncovered the origins of Charles Lee Ray’s murder, and in the process succeeded where other slasher horror franchises failed.When I brought the Chucky franchise (beginning in the 1988s) Play houseOn television, creator Don Mancini has vowed to take full advantage of the expanded storytelling real estate.Not only flesh out many new characters and feature more characters Chucky References and Easter eggs, He said, eight episodes will dig deeper into Chucky’s inside story than ever before.

Fans have already tasted it and can easily get a glimpse of Charles Lee Ray’s childhood in the first two episodes.of Chucky Season 1, Episode 3, “I like to be hugged”, but things have been taken to a whole new level. The spiritual doll told the story of his first murder as Chucky continued to urge Jake Wheeler (Zelous Wheeler) to kill his bully Lexie Cross (Alivila Alinlind).From that moment Chucky The TV show was first announced, many fans were naturally worried about it Exploring Chucky’s killer back story may be a mistake.. After all, the influence and ominous mystery of many slasher horror icons is diminished by the increasingly shining light on their motives and origins. Fortunately, Chucky I fully understood that fact and was able to walk the tightrope in an expert way.

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After the news of a murderer who terrorizes the town is teased Chucky In Episode 1, “Death from Miss Adventure,” young Charles Lee Ray (David Colesmith) experienced a face-to-face encounter. When an unnamed perpetrator (Christopher Cordell) broke into his home, Charles witnessed the murder of his father before he and his mother (Marisa McIntyre) themselves were tracked. But when the murderers discovered their hiding place, it became clear that Charles had already committed the murder. At that moment Chucky Stayed consistent as before various Play house And Chucky movie.. What was revealed did not dramatically change, explain, or undermine Charles Lee Ray’s ominous thinking. It was simply devoted to what fans already knew about the character — with some fresh details studded on top and added some extra flavor.

Chucky Season 1 Episode 3 Flashbacks as Young Charles Lee Ray David Cole Smith and Elizabeth Ray Marisa McIntyre

Unlike the classic Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street The franchise didn’t need an increasingly complex myth to explain things.Unlike some Michael Myers Halloween There was no sequel, adding rhymes or reasons to his crimes, nor introducing external forces to drive him. And unlike Jason Voorhees, Friday the 13th Movie, Hannibal Lecter Hannibal Rising, Or countless others, there was no abuse of revenge or traumatic events that shaped his motives and the path of life. Charles Lee Ray has loving parents, ChuckyHackensack, NJ version.. And although he can be interpreted as taking a break from mental illness by witnessing the murder of his father, Chucky Episode 3 “I like to be hugged” revealed that it wasn’t.

As highlighted by other flashbacks throughout Chucky In the episode, his turmoil was naturally incorporated — and consistently mixed with the innocent. The birthday cake and pinata were attacked with delight, he entwined treating with tricks or bloodshed, and killing his mother was the conclusion of a twisted hideout and quest. Thus, Charles was not destroyed by what he witnessed, and he was fascinated and inspired.Decades before he targets Chucky 2021 character cast, The event simply licensed him to take his existing impulses to the next level. It was simple but perfect.As Billy Loomis said in the original scream movie, “I’m more scared when I have no motive.. ” Chucky He embraced that fact, took it one step further, and while some of his MOs had roots (such as why he tried to teach Jake), everything the nominal murderer did was him. Reaffirmed that it was just because he was enjoying it. resulting in, Chucky The series further enhanced him with the slasher horror icon Pantheon.

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Why the origin of Chucky Episode 3 reveals success (where other slasher series fail)

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