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There has been a lot of speculation lately linking Manchester United with the new writeback, and one of the consistently reported names is Max Aarons of Norwich City.

Email Transfer guru Fabrizio Romano believes he’s not yet close to joining the club, but United claims he’s aiming for 20 in January.

But will Aaron’s bring to United what the current right-back Aaron Wan Bisaka doesn’t have?

An interesting analysis by Tom Worville of The Athletic related to the Smarter Scout software shows a much more aggressive style of Norwich men.

As expected, the blue areas on the chart show that Aaron’s is far more aggressive than Wan Bisaka. The 70 to 24 shot volume and the expected goal per 77 to 12 ball progression show a dramatic improvement.

Aaron’s also looks better than Wan Bisaka in the green ball holding part of the chart, and the ball holding ability, link-up play amount, carry and dribble amount are very impressive. Wanbisaka’s numbers in these areas aren’t bad, but Aaron’s numbers are exemplary.

However, all that progressive play is costly, and the red areas on the chart show where Wanbisaka is strong. Protecting 99 strength against just 21 from Aaron’s is an important advantage.

Of course, Wan Bisaka’s numbers are based on competition in the Premier League and Champions League, while Aaron is based on the championship, but some numbers are “adjusted to Premier League standards.” ..

Also, Wan Bisaka isn’t at its best in 2020/21 and will probably shed a much better light when compared to last season’s numbers.

Nonetheless, few argue that the strength of the former Crystal Palace man lies in defense, not attack. Aaron’s offers United a very different option in the game if it’s the turn of the day to break the stubborn opposition defenses.

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Why the right back is targeted Why the right back is targeted

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