Why the unknown can succeed when other video games have not been successfully adapted

This is a fun exercise. Go to your search engine, type “Best Big Screen Video Game Adaptations” and read the list that pops up.Do you believe it Sonic the hedgehog Are you consistently in the top 10?With recently tomb Raider Its cheesy 1995, along with Alicia Vikander (score over 50% on Rotten Tomatoes) Mortal Kombat Flick, and even the 1993s Super mario bros.Has it suddenly become everyone’s favorite 90’s action movie in the last five years?

It’s a state of adaptation for big screen video games, and it continues to waste famous titles such as: resident Evil, Prince of Persia, When Fate Despite the seemingly endless possibilities of cinema, each presents.

Part of the problem lies in the medium. How do you move one visual style to another without looking redundant?Direct translation usually leaves casual viewers in the dust — see the big budgets of the 2010s Prince of Persia — A complete rethink that keeps game fans away, while 2005 Fate, Starring Rock and Karl Urban. In either case, you force directors, writers, actors, and creative artists to duplicate what many have already seen. Results are often proud, even when visual cues and homages are on target.

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So now we come to unknownA movie based on a highly successful video game that records many adventures of treasure hunters Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan, played by Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, respectively. We recently saw this movie for the first time, but so far the online reaction was … oh … nice and some people watched and praised it. Like a game And others complain that it’s different Too much from the game..

Here’s a movie trailer if you missed it:

Then there is a trailer here for visual reference Uncharted 4: The End of the Thief:


I’m a big fan unknown series. In fact, I’m playing them on my PS4 right now. What always surprises me is how crazy the story and the characters are. Most of the game is a variety of crouching and shooting, but Nathan Drake and Co. are a group of characters that are very fun to hang out with, with good voice actors and solid dialogue. You really want to see where their latest adventures take us.

Today, the film has gone through production hell since it was first released in 2008. Several directors participated, including the famous David O. Russell. He planned to recreate the character into a story that suits his tastes. — Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci are a family of treasure hunters led by Mark Wahlberg’s Nathan Drake. Fans were stunned by the concept, and eventually Russell was replaced by Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy, Dan Trachtenberg, Travis Knight … even Joe Carnahan wrote the script at some point. I boarded to launch. It was this big budget project.

Finally, Sony Pictures tapped Ruben Fleischer. Ruben Fleischer finally got the final product.

Personally, I think this movie looks good and has a chance to succeed where many others fail. Obviously, we’re only judging from the two-minute trailer, but from everything we’ve seen so far, Freisher strikes the right balance between direct game adaptation and big-screen reimagination. Looks like.

For starters, casting is clearly unique. Tom Holland is not the first name that comes to mind when thinking about Nathan Drake. While he sports costumes and wise Quip, the actor looks like he’s trying to give the character a fresh new (Peter Parker-heavy) spin. When you think about it, it’s actually very smart on behalf of the producer.

Think of it this way: we have four more than 20 hours unknown A video game featuring a specific iteration of Drake. It’s nice to see the character on the big screen, but to be honest, it’s unnecessary. NS unknown The video game series ended with The end of the thief.. We watched Drake’s story unfold and received the appropriate epilogue featuring treasure hunters enjoying their loot.

Will the studio completely restart the series on the big screen through a direct adaptation that copies the stories and pieces of the set that we’ve already seen?This is the same as watching someone else play unknown 1-4, or continue beyond the story of Drake The end of the thief, In that case, there are historic characters known to about 15 million people. Yes, it’s a lot, but it’s not comparable to the 330 million people in the United States or 7 billion people around the world. (Also consider what an estimated 100 million people have seen Avengers: Endgame On the opening weekend, gamers need to understand why video game adaptation presents more challenges than addressing the population who played the game. Or does the studio start anew with a completely different take that repackages the basic setup of the character and the game? More common, but still an interesting product?

If you were the director of the studio, would you like to cast Nathan Fillion in a special role? appear Again, I would like to have the child star for $ 1 billion now, like a video game character that the average viewer is unaware of, or rather. Spiderman Franchise?

Similarly, Mark Wahlberg doesn’t seem to be trying to convey what Sally gamers know and love from the game, but to be honest, he’s been featured in video games so far. Mark Wahlberg, one of the most famous stars, is probably fine. Adaptation. I love Wallberg wearing a wife beater, sports huge pectoral muscles, biting a cigar in a video game, and being as far away as possible from Sally, who is stuffing her intestines. (Looking back, Wahlberg certainly fits in part of Drake and was even more upset by the discontinuation of the David O. Russell project.)

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In other words, the cast actually makes me want to see this more. If done correctly, the Dutch and Wallberg Drake and Sally takes could surpass those made famous by voice actors Nolan North and Richard Magonagle.

Besides, the action looks great.Plane sequence taken from Unknown 3, I think it looks like a fun callback that does enough to deserve the standalone value. I loved the shots of Drake swaying in the lights of that bluish nightclub and dug an exotic place: Valencia, Spain and the coastal town of Xàbia.

Basically, this looks good enough unknown Different enough to satisfy my inner geek, but to intrigue me.Unlike, for example FateTransformed a pretty radical one-on-one action-adventure game into a popular zombie movie starring rock, or Prince of Persia It basically copied the game and pasted it on a big screen, clearly overestimating the entertainment value of its source material. unknown It seems that you can have a perfect balance between the two media and have an exciting weekend in the movies.

Why the unknown can succeed when other video games have not been successfully adapted

https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/features/1198678-why-uncharted-can-succeed-where-other-video-game-adaptions-havent Why the unknown can succeed when other video games have not been successfully adapted

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