Why The Witcher 3 Is Better Than Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Is it slightly above average? (Photo: Nintendo)

One reader explains why The Witcher 3 combat is one of its best features and the Breath of the Wild deserves a 6/10 score.

There are some observations about Zelda: Breath of the Wild and The Witcher 3.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

First, I don’t know exactly what it is about the game, but I can’t help but find it ridiculously overrated. Yes, there are some advantages, and in some cases it turns out to be fascinating, but on the contrary, in the game world, where the fact that it has been held up as the pinnacle of modern games is annoying. There are our people who are.

I sank into the Switch version for about 40 hours in March 2017, unlocking all the towers on the map (quite difficult where the enemies are very level compared to Link) and huge I think I started with the Elephant Beast, but since then I’ve been really bored with the gameplay loop and haven’t felt forced to go back to either the Wii U or Switch version ever since.

The story is less than usual to write at home’defeat Ganon and power up first if needed’cooking mini-games combining setup and ingredients and a few other novelties I still don’t know what all the turmoil is, except for a few moments.

Despite some of these clever gameplay mechanics, there are many that aren’t great. For example, exploding weapons, links in certain areas die in the cold very easily, and there are often temples that solve those boring and boring puzzles in hard-to-reach places. It’s also hard to stick to character builds if you have to change base gear or some gear forever. Best What can be unlocked is actually a kind of joke. What seemed amazing in the first few times will soon become mediocre by the 50th.

The link is given a tablet PC made of stone, so it was written entirely with the Wii U GamePad in mind, and it’s clear that the switch was cross-platform due to the low sales of the Wii U. is. This shows another bad tendency for Nintendo. Here: Re-release the old Wii U game as a new switch game with full RRP. It’s as shameful as Sony and Microsoft are doing it, and somehow worse because they’ve been postponed for so long. But I’m a digression.

I talked to a gamer friend I loved when Breath of the Wild first appeared, but this time he said it was impossible to replay because his frustration outweighed his favorite. ..

To be honest, I still want to wake up the link. This has the advantage that the switch remake works well if the optimization is inadequate (the frame rate is interrupted even after applying the patch). Because it’s more linear, but the older ones are much more fun. A method like school role-playing. [No Zelda is a role-playing game, the only one that even comes close is Breath Of The Wild – GC] For me, this is an overrated title, at most 6/10.

The witcher 3

By comparison, I had a hard time launching The Witcher 3 several times, but when I bought the portable switch version last year, desimated the fourth Griffin Fight, and finished the tutorial (aka White Orchard), I myself. Look crazy about what it is.

I mean to look literally and figuratively. The lush visuals that were downgraded and still shining can be run on a less powerful console (put a hat on the Sabre Interactive, they do a little miracle to play this at a stable frame rate. But that’s one of them for me, the most important aspect of graphical fidelity). Geralt’s angry and ironic humor. A compelling side quest. Great for customizing your character to suit most playstyles. And a fairly well-crafted main story that doesn’t go away from the adult theme.

I personally explore The Bloody Baron’s main quest line, using medieval settings and supernatural elements to carefully explore the themes of drug and domestic violence, and mature, clear and well-written game storycraft. I will list it as one of the high points. Fascinating.

But no game is perfect. There are also technical issues, such as Breath of the Wild. So some quests are buggy and Roach is definitely buggy, but are you complaining about combat? I can not see.If you see how The Witcher fights Dancing Then, in essence, it’s the case when the box skillfully roams around the enemy to avoid being attacked, then actually landing side and rear blows to get out of balance and guess.

The controls aren’t much more instantaneous than a hack and slash game like God Of War (a restart of the original series or Norse mythology), so it needs a little tweaking, but when practiced, the rhythm is actually a lot of fun. I understand. To be honest, it turned out to be one of the great parts of the game because, contrary to most people, I had to challenge my ability as a gamer and learn another way to play.

It requires sophistication and planning. Dodging, using magic, knowing when to fire a crossbow bolt is a clean battle with a giant beast that Gerald doesn’t hit, and especially when it’s difficult, the creature throws him like a rag doll. It will be different from the battle. For example, unlike the fable title, you can’t run the attack button to mash unless you like to show the game over screen frequently and wait a minute to reload the save.

Now, excuse me, there are work-related chores to force Geralt of Rivia to hunt down bandits and search for treasure. Who will throw coins at him in this play session?

Gary Diamond by Reader

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Why The Witcher 3 is better than Zelda: Breath Of The Wild – Reader’s Feature

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