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New York Knicks Wing RJ Barrett made a slow start on the attacking side of the floor during the 2021-22 season. Barrett shot 39.1 percent off the field with 11.5 shots in the first four games. The field goal percentage contributes to only 12 points per game during this stretch.

Let’s see why the New York Knicks Wing RJ Barrett is offensively slow-starting and how they can help make him more effective.

Barrett’s low statistical output is related to the team shining a spotlight on his weakness, shooting. New York mainly used Barrett off-ball in the first four games. Barrett averaged 35.3 touches per game, down 33.4 percent from the first four games of last season.

As a result, he spent most of his playing time behind the arc. For example, Barrett stood on the left at the beginning of the third quarter of the road game with Orlando Magic. He stayed in the ring wing while Kemba Walker waited for Mitchell Robinson to set the screen.

When Robinson set the screen, Walker took a few steps over it towards the basket and then handed the ball to Barrett to win a wide open three. This was because Mobamba was an obstacle on his way to the basket. Unfortunately, Barrett missed the shot and ended his possession.

Barrett is not the first to have Difficult to shoot three points, 2018-19-2019-20, he converted at least 30 percent of his attempts with a minimum of 3.5 shots per game. Barrett has only experienced one of the last campaign’s three-point great shooting seasons. In this season, we achieved 40.1% three times in 4.3 trials during the regular season.

Barrett was unable to maintain that level of efficiency from behind the arc during the playoffs. He only tried 28.6% because he only tried 5.6 shots per game in a five-game series against the Atlanta Hawks.

Despite his statistical track record, Knicks had RJ Barrett shoot almost 50% of the shots from behind Ark in the first four games, averaging 5.8 shots. Barrett’s struggle from behind Ark continued earlier this season, shooting 26.1 percent.

Barrett has struggled with spot-up shooting as well as three-point shooting. Barrett spent 23.6 percent of his possessions in that role over the first two seasons. He made 39.3 percent of those attempts with 3.85 shots per game.

Despite his previous struggle, Spotup accounted for 29.3 percent of Barrett’s possession averaged 4.3 per game in his first four appearances. He is currently off to a better start to start a 42.9% shot with 4 shots per game.

How the New York Knicks can help make RJ Barrett’s attack more effective

If Knicks wants to use Barrett off the ball, Knicks needs to bring him as close to the restricted area as possible. In his first two professional seasons, he made 54.8% of shots in restricted areas with 5.75 shots per game.

He continued to thrive in restricted areas this season, shooting 66.7% with three shots per game. One way for the team to bring the bullet closer to the basket is to use the bullet as a cutter. He excels in that role on limited occasions, shooting 54.2 percent off the field with 0.65 shots per game. He created 0.85 points per game.

If the team refuses to use RJ Barrett as a cutter, his statistical profile shows that he will continue to struggle as a 3-point shooter.

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Why they should use RJ Barrett as a cutter Why they should use RJ Barrett as a cutter

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