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Why Trump is Still a “Thing” –

The comics here are disgustingly realistic. Recognized as a liar and criminal by Republican leaders, Trump continues to be the voice of the party.

Republicans in Congress need to deal with the fact that Trump enjoys cult-like worship from their voters who rebel against those who deny their leaders. Trump is faithful to its shape and does this as worth it all. For example, we are doing everything we can to ruin the careers of our opponents.

Trump took advantage of racial hatred, alien exclusion, the story of “stolen elections” and other conspiracy theories, antiscience, progans, and all the deep veins of right-wing extremism. All of this is built on his incredible rallying ability. The people around them have disinformation that they can laugh and disprove.

The world wanted Trump to become more and more irrelevant over time when he was dismissed. It didn’t happen.

Why Trump is Still a “Thing” – Why Trump is Still a “Thing” –

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