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When you think of a blog post, you’re probably drawing a page with lots of written text on it. That’s not a mistake. In the early days of blogging, most blog posts were exactly that. Lots of written text. You can’t split the text, even if it doesn’t have too many designs in the image. Most of us today can’t imagine publishing a new post that doesn’t contain images. Indeed, from an SEO perspective, blog text always plays an important role. However, using images can help your posts get more attention on Facebook, Twitter, and even Google. Here’s why you use images in your blog posts and where you can get them.

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Why use images in blog posts

First, using images doesn’t mean you want your post to be “dressed up” with a cute photo away from the message you’re trying to convey. When used correctly, images help readers better understand your content. As I said a few times ago, a picture is worth a thousand words. This probably doesn’t apply to Google, but it does apply to readers. If a visitor needs to choose a site to visit on Pinterest or Facebook, the visitor chooses a site with attractive images. Of course, you also need to convince action phrases and social texts, but if you don’t use high-quality images, you can skip them. Your blog post..

There is another reason why you need to use the right images in your blog posts. Google’s visual search is becoming more and more important and can no longer be ignored if you want it to remain visible in search results. If you have high quality and optimized images, the images may be ranked first when users perform a Google (image) search.This helps you bring more visitors to your site, and you don’t have to have Shooting site You will see these results!

Tips on how to find blog images

If you choose an image for your post, make sure it really fits the topic of your blog post. Is your blog about cooking, do you like to take pictures of the meals you make? Wow! If these photos are suitable for your site, be sure to use them. Or you could hire an illustrator if it suits your brand. The original image is always a great option when adding an image to your blog post. But if it’s currently impossible to take a picture of yourself or hire an illustrator, don’t worry. Stock photos can also be used. You don’t have to invest in a photography course, hire a professional photographer, or worry about creating the right images yourself.

Option 1: Take a picture of yourself

If you really want to use your own photo, consider creating your own photo. Taking a picture of yourself ensures that you can see the original picture that you will never find on other blogs. What’s more, this allows you to take the perfect picture for your post. If you’re blogging about your daily life, taking a picture of yourself is definitely the way to go. That also applies to food blogs. For company blogs, technical blogs, or, it can be much harder to get a picture that really fits the content of the post you’re writing.

Option 2: Hire an illustrator

If you have a specific idea of ​​how to display your blog’s illustrations, but you can’t create or buy your own, you can also work with a professional illustrator or a team of illustrators (do it at Yoast). like). I really need a budget for that, but I would like to emphasize that it can be rewarded. By working with a professional illustrator, you can get original and topical images. What’s more, if you’re using the same illustrator on multiple blogs, you’ll also get some continuity between posts and within your blog. You can see your post just by looking at the this Branding..

Example of joest illustration
Example: Yoast illustrations for the topic “Keyword Research”

If you find an illustration you like (such as social media), find out who the artist is. A Google search for the name will probably lead you to your portfolio (if SEO works). Many illustrators and artists work freelance. You can also find a group of artists offering services on Facebook.

Option 3: Use stock photos

If for some reason you can’t create your own photo, there are many stock photo websites where you can get an image. However, you can’t just use the photos you find on the Internet. These belong to someone else and you need to get permission from the photographer. The illustration is the same. These images are copyrighted and should not be used without the consent of the author.You don’t want to see your blog post On someone else’s blog.. If a photographer publishes a photo on your site without permission, the photographer dislikes it, which can lead to complaints.

But if you can’t search for images on Google, where do you need to find them? Fortunately, there are quite a few stock photo websites that contain photos that you can buy or use at your disposal. Always check the licenses listed on the website to see if they are allowed to be used and if you need to credit the images you use. Also, make sure that the stock photo you select is not used by everyone. This is because it is not reflected well in the brand. Now that there are many options, let’s take a look at some to give you a starting point.

A good source of blog post images Release the splash.. The images here are gorgeous, the website is easy to navigate and the license is very clear. All photos published on Unsplash are free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can also change the image without giving credit to the photographer. This is a great site to find images that you can use in your blog posts, as the website has a lot of images on different topics.

Search beach images with Unsplash
Search results for the term “beach” in Unsplash

Another option is PinterestThere are both paid and free images. Many of the images out there do not require photographer credit. If you don’t need to credit and you can change the image, you know that the image has been released on Creative Commons CC0. In addition to photos, you can also find illustrations, vectors, videos and even music on AIX.

The third website is Foter, Claims that the site has over 335 million free stock photos. You can search by category or just perform a search. All photos show the licenses listed. Some photos require photographer credit. Some photos may not change and some may not change. This can make it a little harder to find the right image here, especially because you need to make sure that you are in compliance with the right license.

These three websites offer a variety of images.If you still can’t find the right image, you can also check out Yayimages, Shutterstock, librestock Or other stock photo websites you know. Make sure your website is reliable and you credit in the way you expect.

What if my blog is about a subject where I can’t find the image?

In the unique case where your blog is all about cats, you probably won’t have much trouble finding an image for your blog post. But what if you write about blogging and programming? Or is it a more abstract topic that doesn’t easily convert to images? Be creative! You are a blogger, a writer, and you can be creative with the images you use. Use laptop (stock) photos for that blog post. For more abstract topics, consider images related to this topic or use illustrations. Remember: the image doesn’t have to replace your article, it’s there to enhance it and get your readers’ attention.

If you really can’t think of a suitable image for your blog post, you have another option. Have you heard about Canva?

Canva is great

When Canva, You can create a design for any needs in your browser. It holds a lot of free designs and you can add text, stock photos (or your own photos) and other elements. There are templates for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, posters and more. From drawings to citations and photos, these designs allow you to create your own unique images for your blog post. It’s definitely worth checking out.

All pictures are

Believe me if you say you have all the pictures. Have you checked out Lego stock photos? There are many things like those shown here.You can give you even the weirdest, weirdest, or even the ugliest stock photos Inspiration for writing..

Photographs of four Lego dolls walking down the monastery road
Photo courtesy Daniel chan on Release the splash

Thank you

Today we live in a world where it’s very easy to create your own website. If you use a platform like WordPress, many Free plugin And grow without spending too much money on your website. If you’re one of the few bloggers to make a living on your blog, that’s great! In that case, there is a request. If you use stock photos, consider making a (small) donation to the photographer and thanking them for their efforts to improve the website. It’s up to you to decide if you want to do this, and if you have the means to do so, but take that into account. We bloggers are grateful to the wonderful people who share their knowledge and resources for free.

The last word

In this post, I explained why you should use images in your blog posts and where you can find them. Photos and illustrations make your blog post more attractive and help you convey your message. Nice images can significantly increase exposure, especially when sharing posts on social media. Select or create an original image for your blog post to make it stand out from all other images.

If you have any other suggestions for stock photo websites that haven’t been mentioned yet, let us know in the comments.

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Why use them and where to get them • Yoast Why use them and where to get them • Yoast

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