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Why you need to invest in female climate entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship and innovation, known as “climate technology,” is essential in the fight against climate change.women are More affected by climate change than menNevertheless, climate technology is a male-dominated field. In Canada, only one in ten founders of the climate technology business is female Only 19% of climate change technology start-ups have at least one female founder. When it comes to creating solutions for climate change, the female perspective is terribly lacking.

Investing in female entrepreneurs will generate higher returns for society as a whole. Women invest more in their families than men..And because companies founded by women tend to hire 2.5 times more female Empowering female entrepreneurs more than men-established businesses also means that more women have access to work opportunities.

Female entrepreneur More likely to innovate to meet social needs than men, And female Also, the score is higher than men in major skills Leadership, problem solving, innovation, etc.Venture capital funding for climate technology is expanding Five times faster than financing venture capital as a whole, Showing a high level of demand for innovation in this area. Access to leadership positions in this area helps women generate wealth and close gender wealth inequality.

Challenges facing female entrepreneurs

Access to capital is an important challenge facing female entrepreneurs. Evidence that banks are discriminating against them.. 2017, Only 2% of US venture capital funding goes to start-ups founded entirely by women... NS Studies by Harvard, MIT, and Wharton School I showed this gender prejudice. When the same idea was proposed in male and female voices, two-thirds of investors chose male voices. This bias is 88% of venture capital firm decision makers are men..

Women also face other disadvantages.In the Asia Pacific region, according to a survey Women provide almost four times as much unpaid care as menThat means less time and energy to relearn skills and build extra time and networks. Greentech is also STEM oriented and the STEM sector dominates By men Only 5% of women’s leadership positions in the UK technology sector.. The problem starts at the education level, with only 3% of UK women saying that a career in the tech industry is their first choice. The lack of female role models is also an obstacle for young green tech entrepreneurs.

Image: UN Women

How can we deal with gender inequality in climate entrepreneurship?

1. Incubator and accelerator

Many startups fail early on. Incubator and accelerator It can provide mentoring, resources, space, networking opportunities and access to capital. Women often lack networking opportunities, and participating in accelerator programs allows them to meet key stakeholders. Climate change start-ups can face unique challenges such as long-term return on investment and changes in government regulations and policies. Accelerator programs help female entrepreneurs secure valuable advice and support to overcome these challenges.

2. Willingness to hire women in technology and green sector

Many entrepreneurs start by working for a company and later start a business based on their experience. As the climate technology department hires more women, they will build the experience and confidence to start their own business. In the United States 24 percent of workers I’m a woman in the engineering department. In EV giant Tesla, Men account for 83% of leadership positions..

3. Willingness to appoint more women to venture capital and bank board

that’s all 9% of venture capitalists Investing in tech startups is female, with less than 2% of bank CEOs being female 5.3 5.3 Women make up the proportion of chairs of the world’s board of directors. Increasing the number of women in these positions helps to minimize unconscious gender bias.Deloitte Board lady woman Is a commendable initiative aimed at helping women aspire to serve on the board of listed companies. Female participants will be advised by experienced board members to help develop board profiles and important networking opportunities.

Why you need to invest in female climate entrepreneurs Why you need to invest in female climate entrepreneurs

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