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If you’ve never heard of it, Jake Paul is a boxing promoter.

A YouTuber-turned boxer launched promotion firm Most Valuable Promotions ahead of a boxing match against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. Late September, Paul Presentation The first to sign the MVP was Amanda Serrano, who Paul called “the world’s number one Pound for Pound female fighter and the greatest Hispanic female athlete of all time.”

Paul is interesting in the fight for martial arts promotion. Prior to the fight against Woodley, Paul made a number of swings to UFC President Dana White on how the promotion would pay the fighters.And these weren’t pulling the jabs either, they Hay makerExposes an audience-biased UFC payment structure that is thrown with the intention of hurting the UFC and may not know how low the UFC shares with the fighters that generate its income.

My first reaction — after all, this is Jake Paul we’re talking about — Paul’s story about fighter salaries was that it would disappear after Woodley’s match. I thought he was just a way to facilitate the fight, put his name in White’s mouth, and perhaps use hype to get a few more people into the Woodley contest.

Paul also said he was paying less at Woodley’s battle so that other fighters could collect larger wallets. NS Disclosure payment The event didn’t make me believe it was true. Paul and Woodley each earned $ 2 million (disclosed for the card). Only the other two fighters earned over $ 100,000. Serrano was not one of them.

Perhaps it was an exaggeration designed to delve into White and the UFC. To be honest, I’m not interested in Paul’s past as a promoter. I want to see what he will do in the future.

A pole with a hat on the promotional ring can be a force in martial arts. What does it look like? What does Paul need to do to make changes?

There aren’t many terrible answers.

Martial arts promotions have never gained the highest reputation for honest trading. The UFC civil lawsuit has shown to everyone that the promotion keeps the fighter’s revenue share below 20% and plans to do so as much as possible. On the boxing side, remember Mike Tyson once sued his former promoter Don King for $ 100 million.

Paul needs to show us that he has the fighter’s greatest concern in mind. It’s a ground-level bar he has to step over. If promoter Paul could show that he wasn’t participating in the promote game just to line up his pockets, he would to some extent help athletes increase their share of revenue and prepare for a brighter future. Must be respected.

That’s great if Paul goes a step further and chooses full transparency, but he could be a game changer. Imagine martial arts promoter Jake Paul opening a book for everyone to see. It’s worth noting if he and his team spend time and effort showing how money goes in and out of a promotion.

Prior to the battle of Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul tried to convince the world of MMA where he cares about martial arts salaries. Now that he’s a promoter, he can do more. He can show us that they were more than the empty words he used to sell the battle.

Jake Paul has a chance to be a force for good in martial arts. Will he deliver or be another person in a long-growing, exaggerated personality that harnesses the blood and body of the people he advertises?

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Will boxing promoter Jake Paul help with martial arts? Will boxing promoter Jake Paul help with martial arts?

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