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Winnipeg Jets’ Connor El Buick is a Vezina Trophy resident. But can he repeat that feat? More interestingly, can he repeat again this season when the Canadian division is planned?

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How will Hellebuyck behave this season? Can he win the Vezina Trophy again? The all-Canadian version proposed seems to be good at attacking and not so good at defending. And some teams, including Jets, seem to have been able to provide excellent defenses per game over the past few seasons.

In this post, I would like to report that hockey insider Sean Reynolds believes that Hellebuick’s chances will be repeated as a Vezina Trophy finalist. The following video captures Kyle Bukauskas and Sean Reynolds discussing where Hellebuick will end in next season’s Vegina vote.

Hellebuyck is driven to be the best

Reynolds said he had a great deal of belief in Hellebuick. He looked at his practice habits and told him how he approached the game. One of the advantages of Hellebuyck is that he is not happy with just one Vezina Trophy. He wants 10 or 11 in the trophy case before finishing his career in the NHL. This type of drive can drive players towards continuous improvement.

Hellebuyck’s NHL carrier is Yo-Yo up and down

At the same time, Reynolds admits that he is a little skeptical. Specifically, Hellebuyck’s NHL history was like a yo-yo. He had one good year, a little off-year, and another good year, and off-year.

Connor Elbuick, Winnipeg Jets

During the 2019-20 season, he won Vegina. But during the 2018-19 season he wasn’t enough. However, during the 2017-18 season, he was a Vegina finalist, even though he did not win the trophy. Like a yo-yo.

And that’s the point-he’s good, and he’s bad.

El Buick breaks the yo-yo thread and has a great season

As Reynolds points out, for two of the last three seasons, Hellebuick has been considered one of the league’s top three goalkeepers. Reynolds then goes out on his limbs to predict that Hellebuick will break his own tendencies and bring together two consecutive strong seasons. He may not beat Vegina, but Reynolds believes he will finish in the top three – he will be a finalist.

Connor Elbuick, Winnipeg Jets

The only problem with El Buick is that, as Reynolds points out, I don’t think Jet has done enough to improve defense. And last season’s defenses are very malicious and most hockey people still consider them a weakness.

Obviously, NHL goalkeepers have problems when the defense is porous. Last season, the defense put Hellebuick in some bad places. What will happen this season?

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But in the honor of Hellebuyck, he figured out how to play his style of defense. Reynolds believes this is the season. A good season will bring Hellebuyck into the conversation as one of the best goalkeepers in the NHL.

If everything goes according to plan, Jet fans will soon know how Hellebuyck behaves. The start of the regular season can be three weeks later.

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Will Connor Elbuick win the Vezina Trophy again in 2021? Will Connor Elbuick win the Vezina Trophy again in 2021?

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