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The giant behind Apple in a recent trial between Apple and Epic Fortnite, Epic Games has been determined to have to pay a large fine for violating Apple’s rules. In 2020, Epic created a direct payment option in it Fortnite App.Correspondingly, Apple has removed Fortnite Completely from the App Store. Epic Games is now paying Apple $ 6 million for violating its guidelines.

However, after the court ruling on September 1, Epic Games also won. Read how Epic Games changed the in-app purchase options in the iOS App Store and what that means Fortnite future.

Epic v.Court decision on Apple

Epic has won a big concession in allowing alternative in-app purchase options, but Apple has basically won in all other terms.Now we are all waiting for what this means Future Fortnite At Apple..

The trial, which began in May, came after Epic & Apple fought with Apple’s App Store policy over the question of whether large companies would hinder competition. Epic initially stated that he would appeal the decision.

The $ 6 million fee paid to Apple is Fortnite According to the report, in the App Store after violating Apple’s policy and offering it elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a court ruling on Friday ordered Apple to relax some of the restrictions that involve app developers. However, the court endorsed Apple with 9 out of 10 counts, allowing Apple to continue to charge 15-30% of its in-app payment system.

Apple now needs to allow the app to provide links to third-party payment options.However, the specific payment method used by Epic Fortnite Allowed. Still, if the app wants to use a different payment system, it can send users outside the app and Apple can’t stop them.

Will Fortnite Would you like to return to Apple’s App Store?

At this point, Fortnite You will not be returned to the App Store immediately. The court ruling has not implied that Apple needs to restore the game, nor has either Apple or Epic issued an immediate statement about the return of the app.

In fact, Epic has shown that it disagrees with the ruling and does not recover. two weeks Until Apple offers “fair competition.” Epic CEO Tim Sweeney Tweeted Fortnite Will return “When and where Epic can offer in-app payments in fair competition with Apple’s in-app payments.” In addition, Epic has already said it will appeal the ruling, and these new rules will come into effect. I am also questioning whether or not.

In addition, Apple states that only Epic maintains it. Fortnite From the iOS App Store. The company announced that it “welcomes Epic to return to the App Store if they agree to play with the same rules as others.” This means discontinuing the in-app payment system.Epic is Fortnite The app was restored in South Korea, but Apple rejected it again for the same reason.

Return Fortnite It’s up to Apple

Still, after all, it really depends on Apple Fortnite It will be added to the App Store again. Apple must restore and approve Epic’s developer account, even if Epic makes any necessary changes Fortnite For distribution. Apple has revealed that they are open to take home FortniteBut until they officially decide that Epic is in compliance with their regulations.

It’s also unclear when the new in-app payment rules will come into effect. The ruling will not come into force for an additional 90 days, assuming that Epic’s possible appeals will not put everything on hold. most likely, Fortnite It won’t return until Apple introduces a new rule. No one knows when this will happen. Nevertheless, it is the responsibility of both companies to agree that the game complies with the new rules.

Will Fortnite return to Apple’s App Store? – Film Daily

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