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Speaking of a new era, the excitement of Ngannou kicking off his title reigns in a match against a former light heavyweight title holder. Jon Jones He was enthusiastic from the moment “Predator” laid out Miocchi on canvas.

Then, when Jones (26-1 MMA, 20-1 UFC) logged on to Twitter, the situation suddenly became significantly more complicated.

In the aftermath of the event, Jones’ first message was simple: “Show me the money.” It’s a clear, simple statement, a reflection of what Jones has said over the past few months about wanting to be properly paid to participate in the heavyweight division.

He was able to stop there-and probably should-. But no, that was just the beginning. His tweet reached UFC President Dana White at a press conference. Returned to familiar tactics In response to a fighter making a financial request.

White implies that Jones is deliberately pricing himself out of the match as a means of avoiding it, and Derrick Lewis is a potential alternative challenger to Ngannou who will be willing to fight. Nominated as.

Those comments clearly annoyed Jones. I went to Twitter’s Tilede How he isn’t “scary” or demanding too high to fight Ngannou. In addition, he said he’s retreating well if the UFC wants to provide Lewis with a title shot.

Now everything feels confusing.

It would be a terrible mistake if both sides could not find a common basis for a successful battle. Jones’ heavyweight debut is one of the most anticipated stories that currently exist in the sport, and the fact that it could counter perhaps the most horrifying fighter in the history of the Ngannou sector is that. Makes you infinitely attractive.

Jones appears on his side to be happy to dig his heels until his asking price is met. He has been away from the octagon for 13 months and does not appear to be financially burdened. And his frustration is clearly growing, so his ego will probably prevent him from collapsing.

And on the UFC side, we know how White works. Ngannou vs. Lewis isn’t the fight we’re hoping for right now (although it’s a very interesting rematch), but if Push rushes in and doesn’t go well with Jones, it’s the fight we get.

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Will Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones fail? Will Francis Ngannou vs. Jon Jones fail?

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