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The NFL’s regular season is nearing its end, and the college football bowl season is about to end. As a result, I’m here to answer your questions about the latest NFL rumors, college football, and 2021 NFL draft news.

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This week’s article is mine 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Ranking, What you’re hearing about the New York Jets, what you can do with your second overall pick, what’s going on this offseason, and more.

NFL Rumors and Draft News: Tony Pauline Mail Bag (12.30.20)

Do you think you might decide to move the pick for a prize as the Jets are locked to the second overall pick? Or do you think they are completely obsessed with choosing quarterbacks?

I don’t think they are fully set to quarterbacks at this time. They still have to hire a coach. I think they will hear the offer, but in the end my guess at this point is that Jets chooses a quarterback.

Is it just me, or is the 2021 cornerback class very weak at the top and lacking depth in the middle round?

I agree, and add that it’s not just the cornerback position. The whole secondary school is very suspicious this year. Patrick Satein II, Sean Wade, Caleb Farley, And Jacey Horn are all warts and uncertain in the game. Delion Kendrick is under development, but he still needs work. After that, the corner class really fell and the safety position got worse.

Do you think the starting QB will be abolished this season? Drew Brees? Ben Roethlisberger? Tom Brady?

Ben Roethlisberger has already announced that he will be back. I think Brady will be back. Breeze is still floating in the air.

Who is the most declining draft stock in this college football season?

Florida State University Defensive Harness Marvin Wilson It was once thought that there was a possibility of a second day pick, but he was invisible for most of the year. He is currently scoring as a mid-third choice.

Oregon pass rusher Hamilcar Rashid Jr. had a chance to dive on the second day, but this season seemed uninspired and played as if he wanted to be outside the football field. He moved from a potential top 100 pick to the second half of the round.

What do you think of the situation at Dwayne Haskins? Do you think he can save his career and start the NFL quarterback? Do you have any thoughts on where he will go next? Are there any NFL rumors surrounding him?

There are too many self-harms. I liked Haskins coming out of Ohio. He once took leadership in Washington, but he made too many stupid mistakes. I think the bigger lesson here is to pay attention to the quarterback, which is a one-year starter in college, due to the short shelf life in the NFL.

Can Haskins become the next level starter? I haven’t given up on him yet, but he needs to focus on himself, he needs to focus on his game, and above all, he needs a really good quarterback coach ..

Who is most on the line in the CFB playoffs from a draft stock perspective?

At the top of the board, I have to say Justin Fields because of its poor performance against Northwestern University and Indiana.

Defensive Harness, Christian Bermore, Alabama, Those who plan to participate in the draft, This season is inconsistent and requires a big game with Aaron Banks of Notre Dame Guard.

Clemson Cornerback’s Delion Kendrick, who has made a lot of development this season, will benefit from a good match against Ohio State University receiver Chris Olave.

Will the NFL try to expand off-season mini-camps in 2020 due to a shortage of off-season jobs? Conversely, will NFLPA attempt to set a new standard for advancing the off-season of 2020 and the lack of mini-camps and OTAs?

My bowel sensations are no to both.

The NFL doesn’t expand off-season work. It will cost them money, and before 2020 everything worked fine. NFLPA wants off-season work as it helps players get into the right conditions and is important for young players to learn the system.

What the NFLPA is trying to do is reduce the preseason to one match.

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Will Jets choose QB or trade a second pick? Will Jets choose QB or trade a second pick?

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