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The New Orleans Pelican is by all means one of the NBA’s most disappointing teams.

Without it Zion Williamson, They are sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference and are currently only in front of Tank Piston and Magic in the NBA-wide Victory Line.

Two rebuilding teams, Rocket and Thunder, who are not going to win this season, have won more than the New Orleans Pelican, who entered the season for the playoff berth.

When Zion will not come back soonThere’s a good excuse for Pers, as the playoffs are probably already out of reach, but another lost season without playoffs is still pretty disappointing.

To make matters worse, Nickeil Alexander Walker is arguably in the worst season, and Jackson Hayes just got it, so they haven’t seen any growth from other young players. Sent to the G League.

Both players will enter the final year of the rookie deal next season, which is a team option. The question is whether the pelican chooses these options or sends these two packings.

The salary status of the New Orleans Pelicans team needs attention

New Orleans Pelican does not plan to reserve a large amount of cap space in the next offseason to add free agents. Obviously, the bench is terrible and a higher quality depth is needed.

Tomas Satorankey’s $ 10 million is out of the book, Josh Hart’s contract Only partially guaranteed, but otherwise, assuming you have selected the team option in Zion, all other guys will be signed throughout the next season.

Jackson Hayes has a $ 6.8 million team option, and Nickeil Alexander Walker has a team option of just over $ 5 million, so don’t choose these options or trade the two for a contracted player. So you can free up another $ 12 million in space. This season.

That, coupled with Sato’s money, would be enough to add another high quality player in the $ 20 million range.

Of the two, NAW is still a worthwhile deal, and if Pers chooses an option, it’s much more likely that NAW will stay, as it will be easier to trade next season. It will be difficult to find a player who is making less than he has promised.

Haze’s $ 6.8 million is another story because he may be a dunk machine that plays very little, shows no signs of growth, and can’t actually play basketball.

The New Orleans Pelican needs to determine if these two are part of a long-term plan. If not, Exchange them for expired transactions Before the deadline, they have the money to spend on free agents in the next offseason.

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Will New Orleans Pelican choose the Haze and NAW team options? Will New Orleans Pelican choose the Haze and NAW team options?

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