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Left a defense in Rangers It’s a pretty big question mark. I was beaten a little and died, but it’s still 2020, so I want to kick the dead horse again. Ryan Lindgren Penciller as 1LD, probably paired with Jacob Torva.. After that, there are two veterans (Jack Johnson, Brendan Smith) And two newcomers (K’Andre Miller, Talmo Roynanen). We have assumed that only one newcomer will break the camp. But can both defeat the Rangers defense camp?

In both cases

In both cases it’s very simple. Johnson is one of the worst defenses in the league and Smith is not part of the future.That doesn’t necessarily mean that both Roynanen and Miller break the camp, but it does. Probably both are already better than Johnson..

The mirror is the star power here and could be the defense of the top pair. He is a little cheeky, but very skilled. David Quinn If possible, he said he would have played Miller in August.This situation is a bit similar Chris CriderIn 2012, the Rangers played him in the playoff run. However, Crider spent half of the next season in Hartford. This season is a different situation, so if the Rangers have the ability to protect the mirror in the third pair, it’s possible for him.

Loinanen is a little more stable, but less flashy. He’s a more solid defense and a great fastpass type player who doesn’t illuminate the scoresheet. Given that the ranger already has a fairly solid offensive talent, having a guy like Roinanen balances the blue line.

Having both break camps also means subtraction additions by simply excluding Johnson from the lineup. The caps and bonus cushions are a bit tricky, but you can play some games with Smith’s contract with the taxi team.

Opposite case

It’s all about the player Put in a position to succeed.. Do you put them in the NHL just because they are better than Johnson or Smith? Even if you need to make fine adjustments? That is not always what we can answer.

If this year’s focus is on development, there’s no harm in spending a shortened year in Hartford. This assumes that they will learn and progress at Hartford. The situation is a little different from sending Alexis La Frenière to World Junior in 2021. Lafreniere doesn’t make much money playing there. However, Miller and Roynanen can probably gain valuable experience in the lower leagues.

We’ve seen first-hand what happens when you’re in a hurry for an unprepared prospect. Capo parenthesis I was in a hurry. Rias Andeson I was in a hurry. Ribol Haiek I was in a hurry. Brett Horden I was in a hurry. It’s more important to prepare prospects physically and mentally than to put them into the NHL.


There is currently no verdict. Both players look at the camp long and long. Undoubtedly, only two people can realistically challenge the NHL spot. Hajek thought a little later, but it may sound irresponsible.

Rookie pairs tend to be reluctant to break the camp in defense. In a normal year, I write it down as impossible. But this year is not a normal year and this is not a normal situation. Both Reunanen and Miller have the potential to become already feasible NHL starters. Can they both break the camp? That is certainly possible.

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Will NY Rangers break the camp with two newcomers in defense? Will NY Rangers break the camp with two newcomers in defense?

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