Will Smith and Martin Lawrence celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Bad Boys

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have brought to social media a short video celebrating the 26th anniversary of the action comedy blockbuster Bad Boys.

New videos from Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Bad boys The franchise was first launched. In 1995, Smith’s big-screen acting career was just beginning, and his role in action comedy films was exactly what he needed to catapult. New level stardom..

On the same turn, Lawrence followed the same path as Smith in the 90’s. His television comedy, MartinIt was a big hit, but it was definitely not as influential and unpopular as Smith. Bel Air Fresh Prince.. As a stand-up comedian, Lawrence is known to be a far more controversial star than Smith. SNL, After his first monologue as a host in 1994, was full of misogynist jokes. But when Smith and Lawrence appeared on the screen as Miami Police Department detectives Mike Lawley (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence), instant chemistry seemed to have evolved.This chemistry helped Bad boys With over $ 100 million in revenue worldwide. It’s a particularly impressive feat given the movie’s budget of $ 19 million. From there, the popularity of the movie increased, It will be the sequel to 2003 And more recently, the third entry in the franchise, the 2020s Bad Boys for Life..

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With popularity Bad boys The franchise is current and it seems natural to aspire to celebrate Smith and Lawrence having it in their lives.It happens that 2021 will mark 26th Anniversary of the first movie in the series, and Smith did not miss the opportunity to double the commitment he and Lawrence have. Bad Boys. writing, “When we say FOR LIFE, we mean that. The Bad Boys came out today 26 years ago!” In a recent Instagram post, Smith We provided our fans with a little congratulatory video:

For those who really love Bad boys Franchise, Smith, and Lawrence videos are more than just special anniversary treats. It also provides a guarantee that detective Raleigh and Burnett’s prospects for an ongoing quest for life will soon end. At the time of writing this article 4th Bad boys The movie is already in pre-production And that performance may determine if and when the fifth movie is on the card.Surrounding success Bad Boys for Life Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic closed the cinema last year, it was shortened, but despite this setback, it was the highest box office revenue in 2020 in the United States.

It’s hard to believe that Smith and Lawrence have already maintained their on-screen chemistry for 26 years, Bad boys The franchise will continue to thrive in 2021. But just as Smith’s fame doesn’t seem to show any signs of decline, This beloved franchise.. Lawrence’s popularity may be different from that of the 1990s, but the two stars have come together to create something that has overcome the challenges of time. It’s certainly not an easy task.

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Bad Boys

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