Will the Alien TV show be a sequel to Alien: Covenant?

Ann alien A television show is underway, demonstrating a new direction for the iconic science fiction franchise.Disney recently made a presentation on its large investor day by Noah Hawley. Fargo Fame will lead the series with Ridley Scott, who directed the original 1979 film that started it all. This series is under development in FX. But longtime fans still have big questions. That is, and simply put Alien TV Show About? With some speculation, it’s possible to get a fashion sequel in the form of a 2017 television series. Alien: Covenant..

Let’s start by stating what we do know.Shows that are simply titled alien, Developed by FX. Noah Hawley was rumored to be developing a series set within the franchise even before the Disney-Fox merger came into effect. The details of certain plots are tightly obscured, but the show is said to take place on Earth “set in the not too distant future.” This is noteworthy as it is the first time the Earth has been the setting for a story. Alien universeDon’t cough the Alien vs. Predator movie, which is not considered part of the official canon.But overall a bit of the not too distant future leaves a lot of room for interpretation, and that’s where we can adventure. Covenant area.

Relation: Ridley Scott writes and oversees the day before the third alien, according to a new report

Ridley Scott returns to the world alien In 2012 PrometheusThe first part, which takes place about 30 years before the original movie event.After that Alien: Covenant It will take place in 2017, about 16 years before the event experienced by Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley and its crew. Riding a nostromo.. This is especially important as it gives you a sense of the timeline we are playing here.

Prometheus It is mainly done from the 2080s to the early 2090s. At this time, Xenomorph doesn’t exist yet. When we started learning, Michael Fassbender’s android, David, Engineer’s hometown.. He has been isolated for several years for experimentation. When humans are put into the mix, Xenomorph is born. Until the climax of, you will not see the first fully formed Xenomorph. Covenant.. This is also important. This is because it can help you set expectations for what you see in. alien TV program. Unless new information is presented to us, we may not be able to see the iconic alien creatures in their final form.

But more importantly Covenant David concludes that he disguised himself as a human-friendly Walter and ruled a ship from Earth and its thousands of people who set out to colonize a new planet.Instead, it seems that David was trying to use them in his experiments and provide a lot of hosts to create more. Xenomorph, Or other abominations. It’s a cliffhanger that was never solved. The main reason is that Ridley Scott intended to make at least another movie. But, Covenant It was bombed at the box office, but it never happened.

What we know for sure is that Ridley Scott has been or at least developed something else. alien movies. At the very least, when Scott works with Noah Hawley, some of those ideas could be incorporated into the series. But how helpful is this show in resolving hanging threads? Covenant?? Given that it is tied to Earth, it cannot be a direct sequel.Although there are ways that can connect several purposes

Peter Wayland, the founder of Wayland Corporation, was born on Earth in 1990.Guy Pearce played a role in both Contract with Prometheus.. Around 2030, he creates David. This can be glimpsed in the opening scene of. Covenant.. So, looking at the not-so-distant concept of the future, it’s unlikely that Wayland, and perhaps David, will be on the show. They can be used to support further ideas that Ridley Scott explored in the first part, while at the same time demonstrating a new area of ​​franchise in a whole new setting. It may be the best of both worlds.

In an interview, Noah Hawley strongly suggests that the show wants to explore the human side of the universe. Given the established timeline of the film, alien Held primarily in 2122, the show seems to be in the right position to do just that. But this show alien Will it really succeed without Xenomorphs of the same name? That’s a big problem. Or are you looking for a big old-fashioned retcon? At this point, there are far more questions than answers. However, the lack of Xenomorphs proposed in this timeline is, at least thematically, the best hint that Ridley Scott will actually recover from where he left off.

When Prometheus, It may be disruptive, but Scott tried to do something new in the franchise more than 30 years before its existence. His idea was not to move forward, but to move backward. Whether right or wrong, his idea seemed to be that the film asked a bigger question about the universe in which they exist. The Xenomorphs themselves were not the only interesting thing about the universe.Or at least not most Interesting thing. Covenant, It contains Xenomorph, but mostly followed the same path. At least roughly speaking, Noah Hawley seems to be on the same page. Taking action on Earth is like a movement cut from the same cloth.Whether it will be a semi-resultCovenant The sequel has not been seen yet. But that may be the closest we have ever come to. At least in the not too distant future.

So far, the progress of the show hasn’t been announced yet, but it seems to be in a relatively early stage. Nothing has been said about casting yet. Therefore, a more familiar face, or at least a name, may participate in the action. We will continue to post you as more specific details of the series will be available.

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Will the Alien TV show be a sequel to Alien: Covenant?

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