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55 minutes Before tipping off at Phoenix’s Footprint Center, Lebron James When Russell Westbrook Go to court for joint training Los Angeles Lakers Assistant coach Phil Handy guide.

“We’ve been hurt since we made the acquisition,” James told Westbrook on Media Day. “We will continue to do that. We are responsible for each other.”

He is not lying. Handy adjusts their pace in August, just as they did when they first sweated together as teammates at Yeshiva University High School Gymnasium, just north of Beverlywood, California.

James wears a black durug and gold chain along with Lakers-branded shorts and a cut-off T-shirt, and puts his jumbo-sized plastic jug on a luxurious sideline seat. A 19-year NBA veteran continues to begin as a month-long challenge between him and his wife, Savannah, to drink a gallon of water a day before the pandemic.

In the next 30 minutes, James sweats as he goes through an obstacle course to hone his handicap skills.

The pair elicits a series of movements. Drive to a spin capped with a pull-up jumper. A crossover, two hesitant dribbles, a spin and a reverse spin followed, ending with a baseline fade away.

Combination after combination. again and again.

More and more as your workout lasts longer Sands Lakers players leave the court and head to the pre-match locker room, where more and more fans enter the arena and descend into the bowl below to watch the warm-up.

This is a glimpse of the Lakers’ new look of the day-James and Westbrook choose not to join the game due to an unusual chip time of 3 pm-James obliges to entertain increase.

When the drill finally requests a layup, James ends up with a ferocious dunk.

When he loses the ball out of bounds trying to perform a single spin, he shouts “F —!”. Frustrated, before finding his father and son in the corner of his eyes, he formed a shaka sign (loose) with his right hand, admitting it as a kind of obscene word in his colloquialism and handing towards them. I shook it.

Bee Gees’ Stayin’Alive pumped the sound system, James sat down and took a breath, and when Westbrook saw Westbrook change his turn, James suddenly stood upright and just a little bit of Salsa he showed off. I gave a hint. Recent soft drink commercials.

At the end of the workout, James and Westbrook move from one side of the court to the other, and two fans (one in the orange Revlon Cavaliers jersey and one in the black Revlon Lakers jersey) are James. Start bowing in the direction of. As Wayne and Garth say, “We’re not worth it.”

The Lakers are on the short list of the most attractive teams for the upcoming NBA season, but are they worthy of hype? Tinseltown has put together a significant share of the cast with celebrities who flopped at the box office, no matter how impressive the poster’s name was.

When LA embarks on a fourth season with James, the third season Anthony Davis And in the first match against Westbrook, managing the expectations of the team coming out of the Western Conference with the sight of Marquee’s name all adjacent to one roster will be the biggest challenge. With five holdovers from the 2020 NBA title team and nine new faces to integrate, time to unite is essential, but these Lakers cannot escape the fact that they will be scrutinized from the beginning.

The question is as general as Star Power. Will the piece fit? How many personalities do you have? Won’t all those veterans make them vulnerable?

Fans can tune in to see great things. They may also find themselves unable to turn their backs if it looks like something terrible.

“The game wins between these four lines,” says James. “And it doesn’t win in the ticker below, it doesn’t win in the newspaper, and it doesn’t win in the sports talk show or something of its nature. We come out, put in time, put in work, we Make your own story. “

It’s almost A A week after the training camp, LA’s undisputed leader guides traffic during a lively scrimmage to complete the day’s practice.

“Russ! This side, Russ, come,” says James.

James, Westbrook, Davis, Carmelo Anthony When Malik Monk I’m playing against the team with Dwight Howard And a handful of young players closing the camp list.

As James shoots the right-wing court, he inspects the floor and catches his teammates’ ears.

Westbrook finds Davis with a pass at the top of the key and returns to retrieve the ball from the dribble handoff. While that action is taking place, Monk cuts across the arc from a short corner to get food from Westbrook, and Davis parks himself in a high position.

“Throw it at him,” James tells. “Throw him!”

As soon as Monk bounces the entry pass to Davis, James resumes drawing.

“Cut, Russ!” James barked and his voice was a little more urgent.

Westbrook runs from the top of the key to the right wing, replacing where James was just before returning from the floor coach to the player in silence. James sprints from one wing to the other and receives the ball from Davis.

Davis sets James on a screen that allows him to dribble towards the middle of the court, but James chooses to drive to the left. Kent Bazemore It’s enough to protect him and block the baseline path to the rim, but that’s not a problem.

James forges a spin move to paint, picks up a dribble, and shoots a tearful fade away on Bazemore’s outstretched arms through the net.

“Good s —, LB! Good s —, LB!” Davis shouts as he claps his hands on his way back to the floor.

At this moment, I don’t feel anything old about the team. It’s new. It’s fresh. I am engaged.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said of the camp: “We really care about what we are trying to install with respect to our system and culture.”

However, with the following possession, the Lakers training camp will be invited Trevelin Queen -All elastic legs and 6 feet-long arms aged 6 and 24-cut the baseline, pushing James away as James jumps out into his wings, and rushing a 36-year-old kid to the floor.

“Oh, s —. Oh, s —!” James yells when he rolls on the court.

By the time James woke up, his arms were wide open, begging the assistant coach watching the game to call a foul, and Queen finished dunking the ball.

And at that moment, it reminds us of the uncertainties surrounding the team’s outward ambitions-general manager Rob Pelinka “takes” to win the 18th championship in franchise history to break ties with rivals. I’m being struck. ” Boston Celtics Most-impressive ever.

Error tolerance given the thousands, if not hundreds, of possessions, just as the Lakers’ dilapidated roster must endure during the 82-game season before the playoffs begin. Shrinks. ..

James missed 26 games due to severe ankle sprains in 2020-21 and missed 18 games in 2018-19 due to groin tension, disrupting two of the last three seasons with serious injuries. Did.

Sprinkle of bad luck-like being in the wrong place at the wrong time Solomon hill Rush to steal-and everyone in the Lakers is vulnerable to age.

36 years old before the Lakers 6-game preseason slate is over Trevor Ariza Hurt his right ankle And 20 years old Talen Horton Tucker Injured right thumb.. Both require surgery and miss the beginning of the season.

A known amount of Lakers is its established core. Half of their roster has become an All-Star team. But even if James and Westbrook spend extra time building unity, one premature injury can destroy everything. And even if the Lakers avoid serious injuries later in the season, who says the chemistry of the team will come fast enough to become a team with the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June?

They are standing..

Next to the 10th-ranked scorer in NBA history, the three-time defensive player of the year is right next to a man who has more triple-doubles than Oscar Robertson, and next to a three-time assist leader. -The Time Block Champion and the guy by that name could be forever included in all discussions about the best basketball player ever.

Dwight. Melo. Russ. Rondo.. advertisement. And Bron.

This is the latest and greatest collection of talent from the Los Angeles Lakers franchise, long known for stocking the best sports offerings on the team. Anthony’s addition means that seven of the top ten scorers so far skated purple and gold at some point in their careers.

Six of them were gathered for a group photo of the Lakers Media Day in El Segundo, California.

“I thought it was very rare to take a group photo with all future Hall of Fame inductees,” said J Alexander Diaz, who worked as a creative director at the Lakers and arranged the portrait. “I thought it was a long shot, but I’m glad it worked.”

How difficult is it to win a championship if the photo choreography can be considered a long shot?

While they pose in front of a simple white background, a pure collection of superstars has a flashing neon sign floating behind them, announcing that everyone is thinking about them. Maybe: This team will win better.

The last few times the Lakers tried something like this didn’t work. Karl Malone When Gary payton I participated Shaquille O’Neal When Kobe Bryant In 2003, the team lost the NBA Finals, but it was the last season for O’Neill and Bryant to play together.Almost 10 years later, in 2012 with Dwight Howard Steve nash Join the brilliant, Pau Gasol Injuries and battles have ruined the team, making it one of the most turbulent seasons in franchise history.

Rajon Rondo You will be asked if there are any similarities between the Mamba / Diesel / Mailman / Glove edition and LA’s new super team.

“Everyone is old,” says 35-year-old Rondo. “There are a few more people. I think there are four. [Hall of Famers]There are probably six … 5½. do not know. … a while back, I think the similarities are clearly the times. “

The Lakers know that it’s not easy to avoid the previous unsuccessful attempt to bring a super team together. But if your intended course is unprecedented, what is good anecdotal evidence? For example, James and Anthony are the first pair of 19-year veterans.

“It’s different from season to season. It’s different from challenge to challenge. It’s different every year. It can’t be based on previous teams or previous situations,” said Westbrook and Davis after playing together for the first time in a pre-season defeat. , Says James.NS Golden State Warriors.. “This year is about how much work we can do and how much desire we must have to get better and better.”

It takes some arrogance to be proactive in tackling the challenges the Lakers are facing this season, but when done properly, big ideas bring greater satisfaction than simple solutions.

“We understand, I understand who is on the team,” says Anthony, the only ringless member of the 6-pack with Westbrook. “Now we understand, OK, Bron, Melo, Russ, AD, Dwight … it’s repeated over and over. We just want to be together. We want to enjoy this. ..

“When you’re on the road to winning something, you can often take away the fun from it. We want to enjoy this journey, man.”

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Will the new look of the Los Angeles Lakers deserve hype? Will the new look of the Los Angeles Lakers deserve hype?

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