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Speculation of the opening round is rising MelbourneScheduled for March 21st, will be postponed.

There is no official word from F1 or the Australian Grand Prix Corporation, but strict and ongoing restrictions on travel to the country, coupled with increasing reports of new strains of the virus around the world, organizers postpone the race We are considering that late in the season.

While there is that story BahrainIt could be the season opener, which is currently scheduled for March 28th, but the problem is that there are ongoing doubts about the race that follows.

With Stefano Domenicali currently in charge of sports, the best thing the Italian can do now is to announce that the original 23-day schedule is under consideration and start planning another schedule.

Uncertainty about the virus, coupled with reports of new strains, threatens sports again, and despite the various vaccines currently available, there are no signs of immediate return to normal.

I saw the opening game last year Melbourne Abandoned just hours before the opening practice session, while fans were standing outside the gates of the Albert Park circuit Sebastian Vettel And Lewis Hamilton I was already heading home.

Tickets Melbourne Work on the temporary stand usually begins later this month, but the race hasn’t been released yet.

The shipment of the entire F1 device will also need to be decided in the coming weeks.

Organizer Melbourne We have already issued strict guidelines for the event and staff will be tested and quarantined 96 hours in advance. In addition, some of the participants are expected to be quarantined for an additional 14 days after the event.

Indeed, prior to the upcoming Australian Open Melbourne, Players will be quarantined for 14 days before the tournament.

Like last year, F1 and the team can’t afford to prevent the season from happening. However, it is best to take a positive attitude from the beginning rather than reacting to Domenicali.

To date, COVID has killed 909 people in Australia, but in the last 24 hours there have been 21 new cases, bringing the total to 1,817.

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Will the opening game be postponed? Will the opening game be postponed?

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