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Phil Davis vs. Liam McGeary

Wrestling praise is a common issue when discussing such matches, so use this section to find some of the differences between freestyle wrestling and folkstyle wrestling and how it affects your fighter. I thought it was appropriate to explain if it applies to.

You might hear a “world class” -like descriptor being praised by a freestyle wrestler like Romero for his praise at the Olympic level, but it’s used at the US college level. There are many who argue that folk-style wrestling is often transformed into mixed martial arts because it has a long-standing focus on control and art.

Of course, this also encourages and nurtures different brands of positional players and scramblers as well. This style of riding and control can interact well with common mattress rings and Jiu-Jitsu metagames in MMA.

Thanks to Davis, his folk-style sensibility was quickly transformed into the fighting part of a fighting game. Davis, an all-American wrestler at Pennsylvania State University who won the NCAA title in 2008, demonstrated his creativity and technical ability to take advantage of his position.

One of my MMA Top 5 Mattressers Davis seamlessly uses ride positions for work done early in his career, pouring into more control methods. Even if Davis hits the cradle to counter scramble, or sucks in his wrist and folds the post, the 13-year-old pro isn’t a stranger to steal submissions, but play positionally and safely. I am completely satisfied with it.

Even if he could continue with his dissatisfaction with Davis and his deviation from his great wrestling skills, he proved he was able to hit shots both open and fenced when he wanted. Davis seems to be doing his best when chaining off from a single to allow the way to body rock. Davis is in a position to celebrate in the form of a relentless mat return.

Given that freestyle wrestlers are more likely to expose their backs in MMA, at least on paper, due to the nature of the exposure rules (because folk styles give more room for wiggles in this regard). ), Perhaps Davis is offered to other international wrestlers like Glover Teixeira who can reproduce some of his problems.

That said, Romero does a solid job of prioritizing denial of head position by fighting standing entries using hard frames. And when the opponent can sit on his hips, Cuban representatives are usually quick to break the grip or tear the Kimura counter.

But what’s plagued by many is the fact that Romero tends to take down things that probably shouldn’t be done, both early in his career and early in the fight. For my money, I think this is due to his hard wiring, which has been competing for decades in freestyle wrestling.

Unlike folkstyle wrestling (which discourages and deducts stall points), the freestyle reward system and ruleset definitely facilitates stalls and opportunistic scoring. Of course, this can help explain the suspicious calm and slow gatherings scattered throughout Romero’s resume.

However, regardless of the perceived stylistic dominance, I think it is almost impossible for both men to score meaningfully unless they are hurt first. So I think both stylistic trends and overall aging will continue to exchange wrestling between these two short and sweet ones.

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Will Yoel Romero stop Phil Davis first? Will Yoel Romero stop Phil Davis first?

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