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Zion WilliamsonThe deal with the New Orleans Pelican will continue until the end of the 2022-23 season, but it’s not too early to start thinking about it.

Zion’s next deal will hang on every move of the Pelican as he tries to create a roster around his unique talent.

Zion is still signing newcomers and will pay $ 10.7 million next season and $ 13.5 the following season, making it even easier now.

Having a superstar on a rookie contract is a huge advantageHowever, Zion Williamson will eventually be paid and will be eligible for an extension starting next season, the third in the league.

Luka Doncic is there now and will definitely get a historic contract extension from the Dallas Mavericks, but will Zion Williamson’s contract be even bigger?

Pelican: Zion Williamson will get even more than Luka Doncic

According to ESPN’s Bobby MarksLuka Doncic is eligible for a five-year / $ 201.5 million extension this offseason and will be the first player to sign a maximum contract extension for newcomers over $ 200 million.

Doncic is a unique case where few players are praised at his age, as he has already created two All-Star games and the first team, the All-NBA.

Mavericks will have to pay to keep their young superstars as he is likely to make his first team again this season.

Pelicans should support themselves as Zion Williamson makes more.

Zion has a resume similar to Luka from next season And you will get a bigger deal. Not only was Zion the number one pick in the draft, but the salary cap is expected to rise, so the chunks he can earn are even greater.

Pelicans should do this expansion now, if possible, but when building a team, you need to keep this in mind.

Wrong signatures can hamper the ability to build winners around Zion Williamson after winning a major raise that is likely to be the biggest contract extension in NBA history.

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Will Zion Williamson’s next deal outpace Luka Doncic’s? Will Zion Williamson’s next deal outpace Luka Doncic’s?

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