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Now, here’s the new season for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the new series I’ve created in my head. Here we focus and analyze the performance of one player in the majority of Reefs games (hopefully).

Some of these will be longer than others, some may not even be about good performance, but I’m looking forward to it and this next season. The fans are back. As long as everything is going well, 82 games are scheduled, so the situation is looking into this. Reefs kicked off the season with a 2-1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens on Wednesday. Specifically, it’s better to start this season than William Nylander. I think William Nylander is ready for another breakout season this year as well.

The Nilander has always been one of the most talked about reefs and for good reason. He will enter this season with the aim of furthering last year’s successful campaign, which scored 42 points in 51 games. To be fair, the Reefs all faced a terrible and terrible fate in the Canadians playoffs, but of all the Maple Leafs in the series, Nilander performed best. Since scoring 5 goals and 8 points in 7 games against Hubs, Nilander hasn’t seemed to miss the beat since the series.

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Nilander was delivered at the opening round on Wednesday night Win the nasty hubs, score goals (game winners) and create many scoring opportunities. It may be just one of the seasons, but it gives you a little glimpse of what you can expect from Nilander this season. Let’s take a quick look at Nylander’s performance on Wednesday and some of the things that caught my eye.

Turn speed and chance into scoring chance

One of the things that Nilander immediately noticed on Wednesday was how fast he was holding the puck. I already knew that this aspect of his game was strong, but he created several scoring opportunities, including some really strong ones. For example, take a look at the following play.

This is really nice and honestly I should have achieved my goal. Throughout play, Nilander started a breakout and was able to skate in front of the attack zone and the net. It’s a big slip-up by the defender, which keeps the high caliber player open, and it’s an excellent positioning by the Defender for the best scoring chance. It’s not the most complicated play, but it reminds me of his vision of seeing and taking it in wide open lanes. Nylander has often found himself in the right place at the right time, and that’s definitely something that contributes to his success.

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In this next play, you’ll see another example where he moves the puck quickly, is ready to bounce, and finds an opening.

The first thing I notice here is that Nilander doesn’t hesitate to get into it and create a strong scoring chance. He is strong in the puck, has good control over it in slots and can miss shots. He also takes some time nearby to recognize the screen in front of Jake Allen before taking his shot. The slight adjustment will be seen in the next play.

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He was the most dangerous reef on the ice during the game, with a CF% of 75% and an XGF% of 86%. Reefs also held a 6-0 edge with a high scoring chance when he was on the ice. His ability to take advantage of his speed and catch defenders abruptly was clearly used as the goal of his game victory.

After the line change, he was in the best position to receive a stretch pass, but he actually turned on the jet and defeated the Montreal defender. While driving towards the net, he makes small adjustments that trick Jake Allen into surprise him, as I mentioned earlier. A nifty move to show off his skill set. It was a mixture of his vision and speed that he noticed his play accelerating on Wednesday night.

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Improve physicality

Nilander has been criticized in the past for a lot along the “soft” line, but I didn’t really understand it. He has always been a chippy player to some extent, especially in the last few seasons, and on Wednesday night he really gained that strength and took a new step in the game to become the type of player Reefs needed. I took a step forward. See the next play.

His play in the forecheck was extraordinary and I really liked his play in the defensive end. He is strong in packs and will not stop. For something very small but very important, it’s a really great play. I really hope there will be more of this kind of play with this consistency.

Check out other plays where he forces a turnover at the defensive end. As I said, he’s played this type of game before, but it’s really nice to see it over and over again in action. His play was fairly consistent at night as he recorded four takeouts leading the team at night.

His leadership shows

Finally, this is another thing I’m adding. Because I think we all saw it. Nilander has been a polarized figure on the team for quite some time, but he has always seemed ready to compete and has led prosecutions several times. Now, towards his sixth full-time NHL season and the seventh overall, he has definitely risen in rank and has become one of the team’s veteran players. He has the skills and age limits to lead some of the other star players on the team, such as Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner. And he doesn’t have an “A”, but it’s great to see this, especially if he doesn’t have Matthews (wrist), regardless of the expectation that he’s not part of the official leadership group.

See him claiming the phone in the clip below. Very small and everyday things in the game still say a lot. From players finding their way in the core to players who are undoubtedly confident in the last few seasons, I think Nilander is ready for another big breakout season. That is the confidence we want.

Even Captain John Tabarés noticed, Say in an interview, “He really wants to take on the leadership role and make him feel its presence in the room … he just feels that responsibility. He takes ownership of some of them, Whether it’s on ice or on ice, it’s time to get involved in more with the consistency we need on a daily basis. “

And looking back on himself, Nilander feels like it’s definitely a role he can step into this year.

“I wanted to be the leader of the team,” Nilander said. “Being a little older, I learned a few things and maybe was thrown [myself] More to that role.

Therefore, Wednesday night was successful in multiple ways for Nilander and Reefs. Looking at both the team and the players, I had a lot of expectations. There’s still a lot to unpack in the future, but for now, Game 1 is in the book and another 80 games are to see how good Nilander and Reefs are.

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William Nylander vs. Canadians (October 13) William Nylander vs. Canadians (October 13)

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