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As part of many regulatory adjustments this year aimed at reducing downforce to reduce tire stress, teams will need to address tighter restrictions around the floor area.

In particular, a portion of the floor in front of the rear tires must be cut off and the use of slots in this area is prohibited.

The team has been taking advantage of this area of ​​the car for some time to help better supply air through the diffuser to add downforce.

Due to the enormous resources needed to fully understand this complex area, the top outfits may be making better use of the floor design than the smaller teams, so Williams removed it. I think it will work for everyone.

This means that top teams like Mercedes and Red Bull are more likely to be hampered by losing the benefits of this area than some of the lower outfits.

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Williams’ Head of Vehicle Performance, Dave Robson, believes this change is very important and may be good news for his outfit.

“It’s a big change to the floor, especially the area near the rear tires,” he said. “This is an area where we don’t think we are class leaders. For example, we hope there are fewer hits than other teams.

“I think it’s a very difficult area to understand traditionally. Especially, it’s very difficult to understand how the floor reacts to the tire when it deforms, ages and wears. The area.

“So hopefully it will have a pretty big impact on the team with a sharp end and probably not so much on us. That’s what we want and from the run we went on Friday. Hope there are some early signs [in Abu Dhabi] Maybe so. “

In this Friday’s free practice session, many outfits have already tested the new floor design to better understand the impact of the change.

The FIA ​​hopes that the new 2021 rules will reduce downforce levels by about 10% and that Pirelli’s tougher tires will further reduce vehicle speed.

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Williams believes 2021 floor rules can help with that Williams believes 2021 floor rules can help with that

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