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After several turbulent seasons, the Williams family sold their team to American investment firm Drillton Capital last year.

With the new investment, Williams’ new owner promoted Simon Roberts to the role of Team Principal, and former Volkswagen Motorsport Chief Yostkapit became CEO.

Capito brings in François Xavier De Maison, who worked with the brand’s successful WRC and Pikes Peak program at Volkswagen, and has been vacant since Paddy Lowe was sent off during the disastrous 2019 season. Played the role of.

According to Russell, the arrival of Capito and Demaison was an important moment in the reversal of Williams’ fate, and the team can now focus on performance as well as survive.

“I think it’s incredibly positive news for Williams in the coming years. [Jost] And I really believe that we have a solid boss who can form the right technical team around us and ultimately improve the performance of the car, “Russell said.

“Obviously, I didn’t have a technical director during my reign at Williams. Come to think of it, it’s crazy.

“My all-time priority at Williams until Drillton took over was not to try to drive the car as fast as possible, but to keep the team afloat, keep people’s work alive, and keep the team alive.

George Russell, Williams FW43B

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“The focus was on keeping the team in Formula 1. This was obviously great, but now we can fully focus on the performance. It’s really exciting for everyone in Williams to command Jousting. is.”

Russell admits that his tricky Williams stint has become even more “difficult” without a clear technical director taking command.

However, Briton, who advanced to the second quarter and finished 14th at the Bahrain Grand Prix, was “brought together” by Demaison in preparation for F1’s radical 2022 overhaul, which is Williams’ biggest opportunity to finally climb the grid. I’m sure.

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“I think it’s very important to have a technical director,” Russell explained.

“Formula 1 is one giant jigsaw puzzle. You need to combine these pieces. The technical director will adjust it.

“It was very difficult, and many people probably had to do work that they weren’t necessarily signed up for, because there wasn’t always someone to lead them.

“Now the CEO has a technical director. These people can focus on new goals such as aerodynamics, machinery, electronics, etc. The technical director who coordinates them and puts them all together.”

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Williams can focus on performance, not survival Williams can focus on performance, not survival

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