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Williams’ form dip in recent races wasn’t surprising to the team after a mid-season point score.

After the last three seasons, the team has moved up to 8th place with 4 points in 5 races starting with the Hungarian Grand Prix. Since then, it hasn’t bothered the scorer.

George Russell We did some impressive qualifying performances for the team. Recently, in Sochi, he won 3rd place on the grid in a rainy qualifying session. However, he was unable to reach the third quarter in the next five rounds.

Dave Robson, head of performance engineering for the team, said he took advantage of favorable conditions suitable for the characteristics of the wind-sensitive FW43B chassis.

“There were ups and downs throughout the year,” he explained in Qatar. “We know where the weaknesses are, we know the wind plays a role.”

He said the team was “blessed in good condition” in several rounds, including the British Grand Prix, where Russell finished ninth on the dry track.

“The qualifying at Silverstone was perfect for us. It’s the kind of truck that naturally fits the car,” Robson said. “The qualifying session on Friday evening was cool and incredibly still showing the strength of the car, so I think it was a real pace.

“On such a track, there weren’t as many such sessions as we wanted. In Austria, we were strong. It made the right decisions at the downforce level, tires and conditions. I think it was a great advantage to make the most of. “

Russell took advantage of the rain-hit qualifying sessions in Belgium and Russia to take second and third place on the grid, respectively, in these races.

“At the spa, the car was pretty good, but I think we did a really good job. It’s the same in Russia. So such a wet session we did did a good job and the car Arrived in a position that was clearly unsuitable. “

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Since then, the team has been racing more difficult. The best at that time was Russell’s 13th place at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

“The last few races were tough,” Robson admitted. “I don’t think they were very surprised that they had a hard time. I think I lapped back to normal 8th / 9th this weekend.”

The team was only allowed to make limited changes to 2020 cars this year as a cost-cutting measure. Robson said the revisions made by Williams “meaned that they were quick enough when needed to make operational differences, which wasn’t last year.”

“Cars have some strengths,” he added. “I want to put it back in Mugello, I think it’s pretty good. “

Williams’ score was flat, but Alfa Romeo is heading towards them thanks to finishing in 8th place. Kimi Raikkonen.. Robson said the team will not tolerate the final race as they aim for the best finish position in the championship since 2017.

“No doubt we’re still completely flat out. Tired and hard, but I think everyone is here because we love it. We’re just as competitive and keen to get everything out of the car. Removing everything that a car can do each time it gets on track is both a personal challenge and a team challenge.

“The best we can do is 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, etc., but we can still be proud of it as long as we know we have everything we can do. It won’t be easy.

“Only when the checkered flag goes down in Abu Dhabi will we really retreat and at that point we will all feel incredibly tired. But at this point, how the fight against Alpha goes. We do everything we can to get the best results, whether or not we are. “

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Williams expected a “fight” after earning points in the middle of the season-Race Fans Williams expected a “fight” after earning points in the middle of the season-Race Fans

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