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Williams has announced expanded technical cooperation with power unit supplier Mercedes.

Starting next year, the team will use Mercedes gearboxes and other components that can be transferred under F1 regulations. Williams will continue to manufacture some chassis elements in-house, but from 2022 Mercedes will supply the power unit as well as the gearbox and associated hydraulics.

“Historically, Williams has built its own gearbox and hydraulic system in-house,” the team said in a statement. “But the strengthened partnership with Mercedes will allow Williams to implement more efficient design and manufacturing processes in-house in the long run, allowing teams to focus resources more effectively in other performance areas. Williams will continue to design and manufacture other chassis parts in-house. “

Williams has been using Mercedes power units since the current V6 hybrid turbo regulation was introduced in 2014. However, the team has long been persistent in developing other key components, including gearboxes.

However, poor team performance is a source of concern. Williams finished last for the third consecutive year in the 2020 Constructors’ Championship after failing to score points. Mercedes has won both F1 titles for the seventh consecutive year.

This change represents a departure from the team’s previous status as a completely independent constructor. This follows last year’s founder Williams’ sale of the team to its new owner, Drillton.

Prior to her departure, former deputy team principal Claire Williams told Race Fans The team intended to continue building their own gearbox..Girlfriend Netflix Drive To Survive interview clarifies commitment to independence..

Team Principal Simon Roberts, explaining today’s changing attitudes, said: A position that is on track and competitive.

“This long-term contract with Mercedes is a positive step and will form part of our future strategic goals, but we will maintain our design and manufacturing capabilities in-house.”

Toto Wolff, principal of the Mercedes team, said the new deal is a positive step for both teams.

“For Williams, it makes sense to get an integrated powertrain after running a power unit from 2014, and for our team, supplying to another team under the new rules. It makes sense from an economies of scale perspective. This is a project we have been discussing with Williams for some time and we are happy to realize this expansion. “

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Williams will use Mercedes gearbox from 2022 · Race Fans Williams will use Mercedes gearbox from 2022 · Race Fans

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