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New Orleans Pelican got off to a disappointing start to the season without a star Zion Williamson In the lineup.

Most Recent retreat of ZionIt would have been easy for the team to bow, especially after being focused on the Dallas Mavericks at home.

Pelicans had to play Mavericks again, but this time on the street, they were heavy underdogs after being demolished by the same team in the previous match.

Pers was flat, scoring only 14 points in the first quarter. It would have been easy to email the rest of the game and get more “L” in matches that shouldn’t have been won.

Instead, Pelican was able to dig deeper and play two great quarters, second and third, to win a big win in Dallas.

I did this yesterday The beginning of consecutive winsAs the Pelican schedule gets brighter for the next five games.

Now is the time to acknowledge some credit to the coach for this team being involved in all of the turmoil and staying focused.

Willie Green is changing the culture of New Orleans Pelican

I have loved the Willie Green era in New Orleans. Work hard and play with your heart Even when they didn’t win.

Many young teams and coaches use the absence of their best players as a non-competitive excuse, but these pelicans didn’t give in to it, mostly because coaches don’t allow it.

Pers has endured one of the NBA’s toughest schedules and has had countless injuries, but only five games from the Play-in Tournament, which still has a lot of seasons left.

Although they could be enthusiastic again, Pers has been 5-5 in the last decade against fierce competition and now has a chance to build up some “W” for fewer teams.

I wasn’t very excited this season, but Pelican finally found a coach at Willie Green and it looks like things are starting to change with Big Easy.

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Willie Green deserves praise after Pelican defeats Mavericks Willie Green deserves praise after Pelican defeats Mavericks

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