Willis Towers Watson and the future of flexible work

About Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson offers data-driven, insight-driven solutions in the areas of people, risk and capital. She leverages the global perspective and local expertise of her colleagues servicing 140 countries and markets to sharpen strategies, increase organizational resilience, motivate the workforce and perform. Helps to maximize.

Working at Willis Towers Watson is an opportunity to push new things into the unknown … never before. They use their know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and increase their potential. This creates a very attractive and innovative culture. And your colleagues will be able to achieve the best possible results for each other and for their clients.

The future of work

The future of work is changing. The pace of life is such that work and personal responsibilities are often mixed, making it difficult to manage traditional work arrangements. From her global research and research, Willis Towers Watson knows that flexible work has great benefits and that not all jobs and roles need to be seated in the office at a set time. .. Flexible work comes in many forms, including:

  • Part-time or shortened time schedule
  • Compressed labor week
  • Worksharing
  • Flexible time
  • Unpaid sabbatical
  • Hoteling

Technological advances such as faster and more reliable connections, Skype, and instant messaging have often made remote work a very viable option. There are many benefits, but in particular, the pool of candidates has expanded and the diversity of employees, including executive positions, has increased.

The success of flexible work styles works well for both colleagues and the company, especially when they are well-planned and both are committed to making it work. WTW has partnered with Flex Careers to share opportunities with candidates looking for flexible employers.

Colleague’s inclusion network

Willis Towers Watson and the future of flexible work

With 45,000 colleagues serving more than 140 countries and markets, WTW strives to be a place for teams to succeed with each other. They use a unique perspective to serve their clients and strive for excellence and performance in all operations. Their enterprise-wide inclusion and diversity priorities are in line with and support this vision.

WTW believes in diversity and supports people through a variety of inclusion networks. These networks include gender equality, LGBT +, multiculturalism, workability and young professionals. Each has an executive sponsor who uses their influence to drive the mission of the network.

Meet Liz Lister, Global Head of Innovation and Product Strategy – Natural Resources

Liz joined Willis Towers Watson in 2012 and is now a Natural Resources Head of Global Innovation and Product Strategy. When discussing culture at Willis Towers Watson, Liz is proud of Willis Towers Watson’s inclusive culture. She’s all heading in the same direction, passionate about her clients, and feels like part of a very large team that supports each other.

Willis Towers Watson and the future of flexible work

Liz enjoys and looks forward to working with talented and talented colleagues to create innovative, future-thinking solutions. She wants to help shape the future and drive the changes needed to create a more sustainable world.

People are my passion. My colleagues, clients, friends and family give purpose to my life and work. Those are my motives for getting things done.

Working at Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is always looking for new talent.For more information Willis Towers Watson And find your next role Here!!

Willis Towers Watson and the future of flexible work Willis Towers Watson and the future of flexible work

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