Win awards and get upgrades!

Hello everyone.

Members can earn promotional awards and be eligible for free upgrades. To do this, promote the forum on various social media platforms and win all of the following awards on this list: Winners are randomly selected every other week.

-Scream and post on Instagram (Minimum 20 followers required)


-Scream to create a Snapchat story (Must be viewed at least 20 times and run for 2 hours)


-Scream and tweet on Twitter (Minimum 20 followers required)

-Make an official announcement shouting on a discord server (Minimum 50 members required)


-Create a YouTube video yelling (Must be at least 15 seconds long)


-Introduce 3 members to posted more than 3 times (Fake accounts are prohibited)


-Leave another forum to join (20 posts required on


To receive this, please create a hot thread on the game forum (More than 20 replies to threads)

Request an award in the Award Requests section (read JoyFreak Requests for Awards first). Be sure to provide proof of all awards you request. Staff will process each request when it becomes available. Please do not send the message.

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