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Eureka Entertainment Released Someday around this time, Ringo Lam Mature, tragic Hong Kong crime thriller starring Chow Yun-Fat & Cherie ChungIt was first announced on Blu-ray in the UK, featuring a limited edition O-card slip case and a collector’s booklet (only the first print run of 2000 copies).Available as part of Eureka Classics Range from July 19, 2021.

Chow Yun-Fat Demonstrate the best performance of his career in Wild Search, the third collaboration with the director Ringo Lam (City on Fire, full contact).

Yunfa plays Lau, a widowed police officer investigating the Gun Runner gang. When a woman dies in a shootout with a criminal and her daughter becomes the only surviving witness, Lau must protect the girl from a ruthless gangster who wants to die.

Loose reimagination Peter Weir 1985 movie Witness, Wild Search Showcase Ringo Lam I often underestimate my diversity as a director.Beautiful cinematography by Andrew Lau (Hell) and dreamy score Lowell Law, Eureka Classics Proud to present Wild search Blu-ray debut in the UK.

There are three copies to get. To get a chance to win, just answer the following questions:

Win the Ringo Lam Wild Search on Blu-ray

WILD SEARCH, an intense hard-boiled love story thriller, is now available for purchase on Blu-ray. Here..

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Win the Ringo Lam Wild Search on Blu-ray

https://www.liveforfilm.com/2021/07/18/win-ringo-lams-wild-search-on-blu-ray/ Win the Ringo Lam Wild Search on Blu-ray

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