Windjammers 2 has been postponed to 2021

The· Windjammer 2 The development team announced that the next sequel to the classic 1994 Neo Geo game remake slipped into 2021.

The team issued a statement to developer DotEmu’s official Twitter account, stating that they were pleased with the response when the game demo was first available on their PC at the Steam Summer Festival in June. Positive feedback on the direction Windjammer 2 Not only (game design, gameplay, etc.), there were also various opinions that caught our attention. “

“We have analyzed in detail all these mixed opinions about some things (sic), including the lack of rollback in online mode, which was unanimously praised by everyone’s feedback. .. Windjammer 2Online mode also means encouraging a highly competitive community to participate in the game. “

DotEmu cited these changes as the main reason for the delay and apologized to fans who may have been disappointed, but “I think it’s fair enough if we can give you. Windjammer 2 What you expect and deserve. “

The team promises to add news and updates about upcoming games, as well as when the release date is finalized.Until then you can expect Windjammer 2 At some point in 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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