Windjammers 2 waits a bit longer

Even the existence of Windjammers 2 is like a dream. Original cult hits from the 90’s have become more popular in recent years, leading to new interest in sequels, and Dotemu has finally made it happen. However, those who have been waiting for the game for decades will have to wait a little longer than expected.

In a Twitter update, Dotemu, the game developer and publisher, said he received a lot of positive feedback at the Steam Summer Festival last June, but players also received some criticism. I found out. This includes the lack of a rollback net code system in online mode, which can reduce the liquidity of things. It has been postponed to 2021 to implement this and bring the game as close as possible to the player’s expectations.

“Windjammers 2 is an ambitious project we love and can’t be spoiled by the wrong decisions that can jeopardize its quality,” Dotemu added.

It certainly unlike anything else in the game, even tests the fastest reflexes in a Frisbee-based intense sports action test. This uniqueness may be the reason why players have spent so much time waiting for the sequel.

Dotemu is no wonder to revive a long dormant franchise. The French company also co-developed the Streets of Rage 4 with great success in returning to the acclaimed side-scrolling action series. In a review of GameSpot’s Streets of Rage 4, critic Heidi Kemps described it as the “good comeback” of the series and praised its new art style.

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