Wingspan comes out with switch this month

Monster Couch concludes 2020 with the launch of Wingspan on Switch. The company confirmed today that the relaxing strategy game will be released on December 29th.

The officially licensed digital adaptation of Wingspan, the prestigious 2019 Kennerspieldes Jahres board game award winner.

You are a bird lover and aim to find and attract the best birds to your network of wildlife sanctuaries, including researchers, birdwatchers, ornithologists and collectors. Each bird extends a powerful combinatorial chain in one of your habitats. Each habitat focuses on important aspects of the reserve’s growth.

In Wingspan, up to five players compete to build a nature reserve with a limited number of turns. Each of the beautiful birds you add to the reserve is good at spawning, drawing cards, and collecting food. Many of the 170 unique birds have the power to reflect real life. Takas hunt, pelicans fish, and geese form a flock.

* A relaxing strategy card game where your goal is to discover and attract the best birds.
* Single player and multiplayer modes for up to 5 players.
* Based on an award-winning, competitive, medium-weight, card-driven, engine-building board game.
* Hundreds of unique animated birds in real recording.
* Multiple ways to earn points with birds, bonus cards and end-of-round goals.

Wingspan is priced at $ 19.99 at the Switch eShop.

Wingspan out on Switch this month

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