Winner Xavier Plaza admits he has never seen the season

Xavier Plaza won the Big Brother 23 and became the first black winner in the history of the show, but admits he has never seen the season.

Xavier Plaza, Winner Big Brother 23Despite making history in many ways, he admitted that he had never seen his season.Xavier was the first black winner in history Brother.. The 27-year-old Milwaukee lawyer unanimously voted 9-0 after 85 days of competition, winning the show’s largest ever grand prize for $ 750,000. During the game Xavier has created an impressive resumeIncludes 3 Household Head (HOH) wins, 3 veto wins, and the survival of the chopping block after being nominated 5 times throughout the season. Xavier’s gameplay was the perfect strategy to throw competition when he wanted and win when he had to. He played the game with elegance, dignity, and respect, and set a perfect example of his nephew raised because his brother died last year.

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Xavier was an influential member of Cook Out, a historic all-black alliance. All members have reached Final 6 in a team of 6 people. Large alliances usually lose members along the way, but Cookout remains intact thanks to Tiffany. Mitchell’s “master plan” is to eliminate other players in front of you.When the alliance reaches final 6 Xavier said the iconic line “Welcome to Cook Out” One of the most amazing moments in the history of the show.

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Xavier Brother In an interview with a legend EWAdmitted that he did not see his journey Big Brother 23.. When asked about his thoughts on how he was portrayed at the show, Xavier replied, “So the funny fact: I haven’t completely looked back on my season!” He explained, “It’s interesting. As a fan of the show, I was really looking forward to seeing what my edits were like, but my desire to look back at the show didn’t exist.”

Xavier went on to say he was thinking about it I’m in Brother House “It will definitely change your view of the show.” He thanked the way he was portrayed at the show. It is based on what others have told him about his edits. He said, “I am very grateful that it was edited positively because I was told!”

Xavier was presented with a positive light Big Brother 23 He was honest with the game and was proud to treat people with kindness and respect. He has never seen himself at the show, but he is proud of how he carried himself and that he won the game with a good and good strategy.Xavier’s next venture Challenge: USA, Later premiere Big brother 24 July 6th.. He is certain to have a lot of success there as well, and you will probably find that he is finally looking back at himself as the winner of the show.

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Big brother 24 It will premiere on CBS on July 6th at 8pm EST.

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Winner Xavier Plaza admits he has never seen the season

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