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Winners of the 2020 Valvoline Track of the Year announced

Along: Warren Eight Ken, Photo: Cristian Brunelli, Video: Cam Inniss & Rhys Roscoe

Video: The 2020 Valvoline Owner // Driver Truck of the Year Trophy was won by G & D Inbano in Dalmore, Victoria with its pure white Kenworth Legend 900.

The 2020 Valvoline Truck of the Year winners have been decided, and another COVID lockout has delayed the sparkling Kenworth Legend 900 to the Inverno family in Dalmore, Victoria.

The large caliber of the Valvoline Track of the Month winner, it was a fairly tight race on the flag, but in the end, like the Highlander, with only one Owner // Driver The magazine, along with Valvoline, is proud to be the punch to award trophies to the entire Inverno family and its stunning Kenworth 900 Legend.

2020 is a very strange and messed up year, and it seems almost poetic that it took us a very long time to be able to surprise the Inverno family and hand over Valvoline. Owner // Driver Truck of the Year trophy. In fact, I used to sneak in and get out of the state before the trophy was delivered due to another hasty blockade of Victoria. So it was an absolute pleasure for me and a little shocking for Peppi, Daniel, Jeremy and Chris.

G & D Inverno Team Wins 2020 Valvoline Track of the Year Trophy: From left, Peppi, Daniel, Chris, Jeremy.

In short, it’s an overview of the Inverno 900 Legend. G & D Inverno operates a fleet of five trucks, of which 900 are the boss’s flagship. I’m sorry, but I need to clarify. The family actually says Daniel is the boss, so you have to say “900 is driven by Peppi”.

When Kenworth runs weekly, there is a bespoke B double tote liner set, primarily between Melbourne and Adelaide. At the turn of the strange fate of the day I was shaken to bring good news to my family, it was smashed three years after Peppi picked up the truck. Over the last three years, he has traveled over 300,000 km and, if anything, the truck looks better than new. It’s me to introduce the really responsible young man, Jeremy Inverno, not only because of the condition of the truck, but also because of the fact that I was able to take a picture of the truck and get a complete picture behind it. This is our segue.

Jeremy spends all his leisure time cleaning the G & D fleet, especially the 900 Legends. That does not preclude that Jeremy’s younger brother Chris also helps. But Jeremy was the driving force behind all this.

The Kenworth Legend 900 runs on a regular basis in Melbourne-Adelaide.

I’ll take a little detour here to include the little story Jeremy’s mom Daniel told me while I was in town. The story explains why Jeremy set about cleaning the truck. He was surprisingly bad at AFL, so it is said that it is true that he started.

“Jeremy and Chris were out in front of the house and kicking the ball,” explains Daniel. “I warned them to be careful, and then Jeremy kicked it to Chris, and it went straight through the front window.

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“Jeremy was told that he had to clean the truck to pay for the windows.”

It’s worth noting here that Jeremy resolutely was Chris’s bad hand, not his unstable kick leading to a broken window. In any case, Jeremy quickly cleaned with a skill level that far exceeded his AFL ability. He immediately paid his parents for the windows, but continued to focus on cleaning after school and on weekends.

Legend 900 was 220 of the 257 released.

His passion for trucks and work ethic earned him an invaluable apprenticeship at the Haram Truck Center in Melbourne earlier this year. This is a very popular opportunity. Still, his desire to take care of the company’s fleet did not stop.

When the family was asked for a story, it was Jeremy who encouraged his shy dad to do it.

“We were just overwhelmed when the truck was selected for this month’s truck (July last year),” says Daniel, who says it’s a real honor given the standards of trucks across Australia.

I was really happy when I was able to tell my family that their track was selected for Valvoline in 2020. Owner // Driver Truck of the Year. At some point in the afternoon, you probably heard the exact same lines from Peppi, Daniel, and Jeremy. “I can’t believe it. I didn’t expect us to win.”

Well it did, and it’s natural. Even on a random Saturday in early March when I locked up, the 900 was untouched. Apparently, as always, Jeremy had already washed and polished after work. His dad prepares the truck for his departure again on Monday.

Full credit to Inbernos. They are a hard-working Australian family and take great pride in what they do and how they do it.It was a real honor to give them the 2020 Valvoline Owner // Driver Truck of the Year.


For more information on the 2020 Valvoline Track of the Year, see the April edition of. Owner // Driver magazine.

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Winners of the 2020 Valvoline Track of the Year announced Winners of the 2020 Valvoline Track of the Year announced

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