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Winterbottom’s high expectations are underpinned by the promising 2020 season when he and his teammate Scott Pye finished 10th and 9th respectively in points.

The team also strengthened its engineering stock during the break. Adopting the acclaimed Richard Holway to oversee race engineers Manuel Sanchez and Philquid..

Winterbottom is confident that he will be able to win his first race in Holden in his third campaign with the team.

“Every year we announce how hungry we are to win, but with the progress of this team I’m heading for this new season.

“It feels great to have the same engineer and crew for the New Year, but we complemented it by hiring Richard Holway in the engineering department. He worked with Manuel seven years ago, so they Already having that relationship and a business relationship, he feels like he’s been here for years already.

“We are in a great position, with great staff and great equipment, and we are still hungry. It’s time for Team 18 to be at the forefront and chasing those wins.”

Team 18 owner Charlie Schwerkold shares an optimistic view of Winterbottom, with the top four team championships setting clear goals.

“2020 was the year Team 18 won multiple podiums in the first year as a team of two, so in 2021 we want to take the next step and become a consistent force in the Supercars Championship. I think.

“With drivers, crew, and technical knowledge, we really have what it takes to be the top four teams in this championship.

“”[Winterbottom] Joining our team looking for an environment to build and prosper, from the beginning he has shared my vision of the team and where we are heading.

“He’s as healthy, fast, and determined as I’ve ever seen. I believe he’ll see the fruits of his efforts in 2021.”

Winterbottom adopts Irwin Tools coloring revised for the new season, increases the blue of the front bar and adds “Bunnings Green” to the rear flank.

He debuts a new look Winton’s pre-season test postponed next Friday..

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Winterbottom targeting wins in 2021 Winterbottom targeting wins in 2021

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