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Wisconsin picks new Alice in Dailyland on Saturday


Wisconsin picks new Alice in Dailyland on Saturday

Photo: Dailyland finalists Alice LR Charitee Seebecker, Amber Cafferty, Amelia Hayden, 74th Dailyland Alice Julia Nunez, Taylor Schaefer, Samantha Schusler, Courtney Moser

Wisconsin welcomes new Alice to Dailyland as 75 on Saturday nightth Alice was elected in Dane County.

Jill McCobeck

Wisconsin 60th Alice Zilmakoveck is a member of the Dane County Commission, which hosts Alice at the Dailyland Finals. She says the program was launched in 1948 as part of the Wisconsin Centennial and helped the late Don McDowell of the state’s agricultural sector to launch it. “Don and his team came up with a way to celebrate Wisconsin’s agriculture and Wisconsin as part of their 100th anniversary. Don then became Secretary of Agriculture, which people know today. Secretary of Agriculture, predecessor of trade and consumer protection. “

McCobeck told the Brownfield that Alice started as a beauty pageant, but changed to a year-long civil servant status as a Wisconsin agricultural ambassador, promoting everything she grew up in Wisconsin. “This is the only program in the country that has someone working to connect with the state and promote the state’s signature industry on behalf of the state. This is also clearly agriculture.”

And Makobeck says Alice’s way of reaching consumers has evolved primarily from school and media appearances to online interactions. “Last year, Alice actually participated in a virtual world, where she held a number of virtual events where she could talk to people at her home and get more contact with consumers.”

6 finalists I have been undergoing intensive training for over a month at the Agricultural Trade and Consumer Protection Agency. One of them will be the successor to Julianunes, who served for the COVID pandemic for two terms.

Wisconsin picks new Alice in Dailyland on Saturday Wisconsin picks new Alice in Dailyland on Saturday

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