With the December update of Civ 6, you can tell the AI ​​to leave you alone

Civilization VI 2020 is not a huge success and ends with a series of very modest, community-focused changes and balance adjustments as part of the December 2020 patch. Expected to be released later next week, the details of the update have just been published on social media and many of the future additions come from player suggestions.

The “official” headline feature is the city-state picker. This is a new game setup option that allows you to curate a custom list of city-states that appear in a particular game and those that don’t. City-states are listed by type, just turn on / off what you need on the list. If you want to be a real tyrant, you can even ban the emergence of all city-states of a particular type. Depending on other settings, this does not guarantee that all city-states on the list will appear in the match, but will determine the pool of options the game will withdraw.

of course, Real The protagonist of the show is that it includes a “stop asking” button. This button can be deployed if a particular Civ6 reader is bothering you with a request. It is provided as part of a wide range of AI sweeps so that interactions with other Civ 6 civ are more reliable. Finally, Gandhi can already stop my proceedings.

Other changes include a path for new content released this year, such as a “secret society” mode sweep and preventing horse-loving Byzantium players from always getting free cavalry. In addition, there are some Gathering Storm-only content and tweaks that cover all rulesets. More details will be revealed in the full patch notes next week.

There’s probably a potential teaser for what comes next in the video above, as a couple of developers sign off with a variety of props. It may be nothing, but the general theme of the closing message is to prepare for another year’s Civilization (VI?) Content.

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The December patch for Civilization VI will be released next Thursday, December 17th.

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