With the release of Pack 3, three new spectacular vehicles will conclude the Fast & Furious Crossroads Season Pass.

It’s fair to say that Fast & Furious Crossroads did not ignite the world When launched in August 2020, Namco Bandai still hasn’t stopped trying to get the game into the public eye with multiple DLC packs. Now it’s time to inspire adrenaline with the game’s latest drop, Fast & Furious Crossroads: Pack3.

We had Pack 1 hot ride, We have enjoyed Pack 2 fresh ridesBut now that Pack 3 has been introduced to Fast & Furious Crossroads, it’s time to move the line on a spectacular ride, with three new cars, new laps and more customization options on average. I did.

At a price of £ 7.99, the Fast & Furious Crossroads: Pack 3 also feels really spectacular, with the iconic Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, Nissan GTR R35 and Subaru Impreza STI WRX all added to the vehicle roster. These are the three names that completely roll the tongue of any petrol head, and anyone who has made a significant contribution to Fast & Furious Crossroads will definitely adore what they bring.

Each of these motors comes with two different wraps that you can customize in a way that suits you. But that’s not all. Pack 3 includes Miami Police Department laps, LED paint strips that can turn your favorite car into a complete light show, and four online customization options in case you want to roll that route. – Patterns, portraits, license plates, sprays.

Like both Pack 1 and Pack 2, Pack 3 is included in the Fast & Furious Crossroads Season Pass. If you have already purchased for £ 24.99, new content should drop in automatically. To be honest, it’s the same as the base game. Disappointed with the release – Season pass We do the same, mainly because you can save a little cash by purchasing the three packs individually. Certainly you haven’t got your exclusive flip car or Toyota Supra, but when you can save money, you should.

A regular digital store will help you get both Wild Speed ​​Crossroads Base Game And this latest Pack 3 added.. If you decide to pick it up, let us know.

Description of DLC:

Fast & Furious Crossroads: Stimulate your adrenaline with Pack 3. Includes 3 new cars and customized items.

Three new epic rides conclude the Fast & Furious Crossroads Season Pass as Pack 3 goes live

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