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The Nintendo Switch dock doesn’t seem to be in stock in the UK for quite some time. Today, Reddit users have contacted the company to see when it will be available again. The user received a reply from the Nintendo Official UK Store that the Nintendo Switch Dock was discontinued. This is clearly a strange decision by Nintendo, but it could further suggest rumors that the company plans an updated switch in early 2021. This remains a rumor for now.

“Dear Saeed 40,

Thank you for your inquiry and inquiry.

A member of the Nintendo Customer Support Team investigated the inquiry and added an answer.

As a record, the original query is:

When will the Switch Dock Set be available for purchase again? This product has been out of stock in the UK for some time, but has been available in the US, Japan and Europe since its release. Is it possible to make the dock available again? As a user, it’s important to be able to install a switch dock in every room with a TV. Travel or backup dock.

As a result of further investigation, the following was confirmed.

Dear Saeed,

Thank you for contacting Nintendo.

We’re sorry, but the UK store has discontinued the Nintendo Switch Dock Set and will no longer have it on our site.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you need more information or support, feel free to contact a member of the support team from your account.

Best regards,


Nintendo Official UK Store “

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Rumour: Nintendo UK support apparently said the Switch dock is now discontinued

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