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With this secret trick you can turn your iPhone’s spacebar into a mouse

Did you make a mistake in the long message? Turn your curse into a cursor!

As long as you’re good at it and you realize that AutoCorrect changed a few words along the way, it’s not as bad as when you wrote the email.Instead of writing Dear Mrs. Smith You just wrote Dead Mrs. Smith..

The poor woman is at the height of her life and you have already died and buried her. There is a simpler mistake that makes us sound silly.Maybe you see my change to I Always.

We don’t know you, but this drives us crazy. It makes you sound like a little leprechaun or something – “Thank you for coming to the presentation.” It’s an absolute nightmare.However, there is a certain blasphemous expression duck

Our point is that autocorrect, and of course human error, can be unavoidable and our emails, text messages, or social media posts are not always correct. Fortunately, the iPhone has a hack that makes it easy to fix these errors.

There is always room for improvement.

Well, I’m sure you’re saying there’s always room for improvement, but in this case you stick to space. iPhone users can now use the spacebar on their keyboard to move the cursor to any position.

This isn’t a new feature, but it’s a new feature and you certainly need to get used to it. Until recently, you could press and hold anywhere on your keyboard to move the cursor, but with the new update, you can only do it using the spacebar.

The entire keyboard becomes the cursor.

This works with any of Apple’s gadgets that most people are running on iOS 12 or later. To use it, just press and hold the spacebar and the other keys will disappear.

You can think of this blank surface as a mouse and move your finger while controlling the cursor. In this way, you can enjoy precise text control and edit your favorite words without hassle.

This is great news for people with heavy hands (or some with thick fingers). Finally, you will be able to say goodbye to holding words and waiting for a small magnifying glass to appear.

This feature makes things even more convenient and gives you the option to take things to a deeper level … Hold down the spacebar and point the cursor at the word or paragraph you want to change, then tap above with another finger Text And it highlights it.

People using a trackpad on their iPhone.
Editing messages has never been easier.

The pandemic has forced most of us to turn our dining rooms into offices. Some of you may be homeschooling your little kids for your own work and fancy all the useful hacks you can get.

I love handy hacks.

Hopefully this little iPhone trick will make it easier to send emails and relieve the stress of editing. Instead of accepting our words as they are, try them for yourself. You will love it. I promise.

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With this secret trick you can turn your iPhone’s spacebar into a mouse With this secret trick you can turn your iPhone’s spacebar into a mouse

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