WizKids Posts New Home for X Set Preview

November 23, 2020 by Polar_Bear

The· X’s house Get ready Heroclix Not only will it add new models, it will also bring some changes to the game. WizKids is also changing the way it sculpts. In addition, there are many new rules and mechanisms to check. In this preview, we’ll take a preliminary look at some of these changes.

From the article:

Spoiler destination! With widespread critic praise, excitement in comic shops around the world, and fascinating stories, it’s no wonder House and Powers of X has brought X-Men’s fandom to life. Even looking at the early previews and images, it was clear that it would be EPIC. If you haven’t read it yet, check out this review on

“The two Hickman X-series gathered to tell one unified and groundbreaking story were dare different. The writer dared to metaphorize a familiar comic book, like the constant resurrection of a deceased character. And made them wise and amazing. There was also quite a bit of emotional character beats, and most importantly, Hickman will set the stage for all sorts of X-Men stories over the next few years. It’s been prepared. “

If you’re more interested in video, Comics Explained’s Rob isn’t ambiguous either:

“This is the best X-Men for years!”

The House of X is FIRE and I wanted to push it into the HeroClix booster. We are excited about the results in many ways. Fans often hear that our figures are of interest to unfamiliar cartoons. House of X is no exception.

Stunning sculpture

We’ve already covered this in detail here. This is the first step in improving the overall look of HeroClix and is just the beginning.


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