Wolcen: Bloodtrail Free Expansion Launch and Trailer

THe hacks and slashes ARPGWolcen: Lords of Mayhem has launched a new free extension called Bloodtrail. Three new story missions have been added: the Champion of Stormfall and a new game mode.

Wolcen: Bloodtrail Free Expansion Launch and Trailer

Free extension of ARPG Walsen: Lord of Mayhem What’s called Bloodtrail adds three new story missions to the endgame phase, the Champion of Stormfall. This content challenges players to solve the mystery of the disappearance of the dragon landlady.

This update 1.1.0 also adds a new game mode called Chronicles, which allows players to participate in special hunts and earn valuable rewards. Chronicles allow players to play with completely new characters in a fresh economy and gain access to Chronicle Season events between campaigns and endgames.

The new update also includes some fixes and balance changes. Players can enjoy new skills of existing abilities, such as new rogue skills and talon shots of ranger skills. In addition to over 80 damage type qualifiers, a separate primary qualifier is added. The Gates of Fates have also been improved, adding over 120 new nodes. You can now reset points individually, and a search function has been added. For more information, please visit the official website of Wolfen Bloodtrail.

You can check out the Bloodtrail trailer below, which looks pretty good:

Walsen: Lord of Mayhem You can now play it on your PC via Steam. The free extension of Bloodtrail is also live.

If you’re currently looking for some Wolfen builds, check out the following Wolfen Build Guides: Janissary Hand Can noneer and Wolfen Build Guides: Slayer Of The Leviathan. Wolcen: You can also stop by the Lords of Mayhem wiki.


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