Wolcen’s Bloodtrail update is finally here, adding new content and major rebalancing

In a world starving for its Diablo 4 release date, Wolfen’s 1.0 debut earlier this year made a strong first impression, but many bugs and balance issues made players wonder why they removed Early Access Monica. thought. The developers have promised a major update to address these early issues. Chronicle 1: Bloodtrail is finally here.

As the numbers show, Chronicle 1 is the first in a series of content updates to move to the new economy to get a fresh start. In new story missions, you can join the hunt and get new currency with new equipment. These missions have four new environments, three of which can be played as end-game content. There are many pets, new monsters and items, and many improvements in quality of life.

But the biggest deal is the new balance path. For example, attributes offer smaller damage bonuses, but increase bonuses from items and other sources. In effect, this means that build choices are more important, and it’s not just a matter of exponentially raising attribute bonuses.

Overall, the numbers are also decreasing. This should not affect the difficulty of the game. For example, the damage done and the monster’s health are reduced as well, but developers want this to make the numbers more readable.

These are highlights, but the complete list of changes and bug fixes is too wide to be republished here. You can access the official website for that. There are a lot of RPG games that Diablo has itchy lately, so I hope these updates are worth the return of Walsen.

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